Sunday, December 9, 2012

Corey Wayne How To Be A 3% Man - Attracting Your Ex Back!

The thing that most people who are trying to get their ex back or attract an ex back is that doing so all boils down to the principles of attraction! After all, you had to attract your ex girlfriend or boyfriend to begin with, right?

Sure you did, and if you were broken up with then your ex must have lost that attraction for you somewhere down the line. If you are trying to get your ex back, don't forget this principle. Being in denial about it will only hinder your chances of getting your ex girlfriend back.

I am no newcomer to the attraction community or the so-called principles of these so called attraction and seduction gurus. Actually, a few of their pointers and tips actually got my girlfriend interested in me to begin with.

However, I recently got a copy of Corey Wayne's book How To Be A 3% Man, and I absolutely love it. Very clear, very precise, and easy to comprehend and follow. 

But that's just not it at all. The reason why I love this book is because it details exactly what a lot of guys are doing wrong to attract women.

Not only does it show what guys are doing wrong with women. This book also shows exactly the mindset and how you should handle yourself in being attractive to women.

Corey Wayne tells you exactly what to say when handling women's tests, what to say when approaching a woman, asking a woman out, and the most important principle:


The principles he teaches in his book also rings true for how so many guys out there are blowing it in trying to get an ex girlfriend back. The concepts he teaches are incredibly similar to what I teach and other get your ex back strategists teach about the mindset you should be developing during the no contact rule with your ex.

For instance, Corey Wayne stresses a lot about level of interest towards you a girl may or not have. It's crucial to pay attention and discover a woman's interest level in you.

This is the same with getting an ex back, and Michael Fiore has what's called Across The Bow Text messages to find this out after the no contact rule. 

[click the link to see Text Your Ex Back Examples of Across The Bow Texts].

One of the primary functions for Across the Bow texts is to gauge how your ex feels about you after no contact.

Do they respond positively, neutral, negative, or not at all? You should be worried most about the last one - if your ex doesn't respond to you at all.

That means they are indifferent towards you, and that's not a good thing at all. If they respond positively or negatively, they are both good things.

Why? It's because they still feel something towards you and love and hate are fine lines between the two. Even if your ex is still pissed off at you, you can still reverse this feeling.

Sending an Across the Bow Text gauges how your ex responds and let's you know if you need a bit more of no contact or not. No matter whether they respond positively, neutral, or negatively do not start over texting your ex!

This is a true fact even in the world of "Attraction". Don't over text a girl, or they will end up getting bored with you quicker.

Over texting a girl shows them you are needy and desperate and have nothing else going on in their life. It shows them that they are your only option.

If you are clueless about the principles of attraction in getting women attracted to you, I recommend you learn them. After all, you have to re-attract your ex to get them back, right?

For you guys who are serious about getting your ex back, I highly recommend How To Be A 3% Man by Corey Wayne! Learn how to be attractive to women and get them to chase you.

You can buy a hard copy of Corey Wayne: How To Be A 3% Man (which I did), or you can buy the Kindle version for only .99 cents! Not bad, and either is worth every penny.

Just click on the links or the big cover image above to start learning how to attract the woman of your dreams or attract back your ex! 

Also, you should get Michael Fiore's Text Your Ex Back system, so you can learn exactly what to say and text to reverse your breakup and get your ex attracted to you again.

These two amazing systems together will give you the most powerful edge in attraction and getting your ex back! Don't miss out on another second!     


  1. Do I still I a chance if I violate all the 10 mistakes? I got here too late... Now she is with another guy and she told me she does not want to hold 2 fishes... She called me and yelled at me like crazy... Then the next morning, she apologized me for being so cruel... But she still told me that she has a BF now... Will I still have hope?

  2. Heya Jay, thanks for the question. If you violated all the 10 breakup mistakes, it doesn't necessarily mean you don't have a chance anymore. It definitely means that you have a lot more to repair later on.

    As I've continually said on this blog and in my free ebooks Behind No Contact and The Rules of No Contact, you have to just leave your ex girlfriend alone for awhile and start to heal and move on.

    The more you keep in contact with your ex directly after a breakup the more chances you have in completely messing up your chances of getting your ex back, as I have learned from experience as well as you.

    I've explained much of this in my free ebooks. You should check them out.

    Back off from your ex and start to learn the strategy in how to get your ex back. Remember, she lost attraction somewhere and for some reason. You will have to learn how to reverse this and re-attract her again.

    Yes, there is still hope. There is always hope, but that depends on how willing are you to learn the right way on how to do this or continue being in the dark and winging it.