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Compliment Texts From Text Your Ex Back By Michael Fiore!

The second formula to Across the Bow Texts are what's called Compliment Texts contained within the Text Your Ex Back ebook by Michael Fiore. These text messages to help you get an ex back are usually used after sending the first Across the Bow Text message formula. 

However, do NOT send any text or message to your ex if it has been less than 30 days! Do NOT skip no contact or the no contact rule. Getting your ex back is a step by step process. Skipping any important stage will doom you to failure!

I'm not trying to scare you. That's just the facts I know from personal experience, and the experiences from many I've helped over the years to get back an ex. Almost every single story I've heard from someone who thought they could skip steps ended in failure to get their ex back.

It's not just a coincidence! The only person you're cheating is yourself.

So below are two Compliment Text examples:

Just caught myself thinking about you. I’m really glad you were in my life. Hope you’re doing great. =-)

Something to that effect. Or, you can take it a tiny step further:

You’re a really wonderful person. I hope we get to be friends again someday.

However, it's important to know how these texts work and why use them. So don't stop there. Keep reading!

Compliment Texts have a different function and goal than the first formula. These messages are designed to give your ex girlfriend or boyfriend a random compliment. The goal is to give your ex an indication that you're OK with the breakup.

Using this message is a good way of seeming aloof without appearing over-bearing, needy or desperate. You never want to appear to be coming on too strong.

After all, you're ex will be on the defensive with you. Depending on badly you handled the breakup and how many mistakes you made will determine just how on-guard your ex will be with you. 

You do not want to make their walls go up higher. The point is to lower their defenses gradually.

This specific text message is designed to let your ex know you're thinking of them without coming across as a stalker. It's also designed so your ex doesn't feel horrible amounts of pressure in chatting with you.

Yes, Compliment Texts are variants of Across the Bow messages, and they are also used to help you gauge where your ex stands at the moment. You're basically feeling them out like in the first round of a fight.

Remember, they may not be ready to re-open the lines of communication with you just yet, so don't panic. Just continue on with your life. Remember, you should've gotten rid of needy and desperate. 

If you're overly too concerned with getting your ex back, you're still needy and desperate and are not ready to break no contact! Be honest and don't fall into this trap! You're only hurting your own chances.

These Across the Bow Texts do give your ex an out. Remember, you do not want to seem pushy. You are not demanding a response with these first initial contacts. Remember, desperate and needy is not attractive.

These first initial contacts are meant to allow the door of communication to be opened. They also work to plant the seeds of those positive images of yourself your ex still has within her memory. Think of these messages as giving your ex the key to those good memories.

That's it! It's still up to your ex to use that key to unlock the door. You cannot force her to do it, and if you try you will mess up and make her distrust you even more. Remember, this is a process.

The texts in this article are just some Michael Fiore text your ex back examples from his number one ebook and system to get your ex back. The trick is learning each texting formula so you can make up your own that's tailored-made for your ex. You can see more examples by clicking the link above.

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