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What To Do After A Breakup For Girls And Guys! What Not To Do After A Breakup!

You're in shock. You thought things were going smoothly and then your ex pulls the rug out from under you. In this article we're going to cover a bit on what to do after a breakup for girls and guys. We're also going to cover what not to do after a breakup.

Yes, these rules aren't gender specific. Both male and females end up making the same mistakes after a breakup. Here are the most important tips to follow after a breakup has occurred.

What To Do After A Breakup?

There are two important things to do after a breakup. They're quite simple, actually. However, when it comes to human emotions, they're not!

1. Accept That The Breakup Has Happened!

It's extremely important that you accept the breakup. Don't fight with your ex about it, and don't delude yourself into thinking that you're still together or will be. Accept it and be okay with it.

Be okay with it? Are you serious?

Yes, I'm dead serious! What else are you going to do. If you're ex girlfriend or boyfriend has decided they need space or ended it with you, it's no longer under your control.

This is where a lot of people go wrong, and the next rule will help prevent you from making the mistakes most make and further digging themselves in a ditch. This is extremely important if you would like to one day reunite with your ex.

2. Learn what not to do after a breakup!

A breakup is more about what not to do than it is about what to do. Knowing what not do is damage control. It's better to prevent doing stupid things that will end up haunting you. Believe it or not, but healing from the end of a relationship is greatly hindered if you have more regrets.

What Not To Do After A Breakup?

1. Refrain from Guilt Trips!

It's amazing how many people think they can guilt an ex to change their mind. I know we are all highly emotional after being dumped. Rejection hurts and it sucks.

Nevertheless, folks, laying on the guilt trip always backfires!

Helping people get an ex back for some time now, I've heard all kinds of stories of people trying to do this. If you're saying these things to your ex presently, stop immediately! Some of them are:

A. How can you do this to me. I thought you loved me!
B. After all I did for you, this is how you repay me?
C. Can't you see I can't live without you?

The worst...and I mean worst...are these below:

D. I'm tired of being hurt! I just want to die!


E. I don't want to live anymore! I don't see the point without you!

I've actually had a woman say this recently after a breakup with her boyfriend. Do you honestly think this made her ex boyfriend want to get back together with her?

No, it had the exact opposite effect. It pushed him even further away. Now, he doesn't even respond to her messages, and I don't blame him.

It's not attractive when people do that. There's actually more underlying issues that person needs to deal with if he or she is trying to guilt an ex back by killing themselves.

If you're doing any of the above stop immediately. You're only making yourself look even worser in your ex's eyes as well as your own.

2. Harassing Your Ex!

Guilting your ex back doesn't work. Neither does continually trying to convince your ex boyfriend or girlfriend to come back or get back together.

Harassing them with repeated calls, texts, or, even worse, stalking them will only creep them out further. Get this in your head - nothing you can say or do immediately after a breakup will change their minds. Only they can come to that conclusion on their own.

You're not a telemarketer here, and the more you try to push the more you push them away. Give yourself and your ex needed time and space.

3. Harassing Your Ex's Friends or Family!

Many make this mistake, and it puts them in the psycho category in their ex's mind. This is a form of stalking. Don't call up your ex's friends and pester them for answers about the breakup.

It has the opposite effect. It's also uncomfortable for your ex's friends and family.

You'll get few answers, because nobody wants to hurt your feelings. The only choice you really have is to start moving on and get over it.

This is the list of what not to do after a breakup for girls and guys. Like I mentioned at the beginning of this article, it's more important to know what not to do after a breakup.

If you hope to get back with your ex someday, you should know that the more you ruin your image in your ex's eyes, the more you have to repair his or her post breakup perception of you.

Take that into consideration if you're doing any of the above.

Now you know the mistakes of what to do and not to do, you should visit the link to find out whether you need to go into limited contact with ex or no contact.

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