Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Should I Text My Ex GFor Go No Contact? No Contact Rules After A Breakup

After a breakup is a confusing time. You'll be emotional, especially if you were dumped. Your pride will be bruised, and you wont be thinking too rationally. So, when you ask, "Should I text my ex gf or go no contact," I think deep down you really know the answer.

On the other hand, this answer also depends on your relationship situation. Do you have kids with your ex girlfriend? Do you work with them or go to school with them? Do you live with them? Do you have to deal with them in some way?

If so then the no contact rules after a breakup doesn't apply to you. You'll have to go into limited contact with an ex.

Noticed that I emphasized the word have in the last sentence of the third paragraph. I did this for a reason. I emphasized that word to make a point.

I'm starting to notice a lot of people trying to cut corners, skip steps, and not follow the strategy on how to get an ex girlfriend back. They think the no contact rule is too hard, and try to use limited contact with an ex girlfriend instead.

Thinking that staying in touch with your ex or staying close will be a better option is a huge, huge mistake. If you're using the limited contact rule with an ex and don't have to, which means you should be using the no contact rule, you've just cut your chances of getting an ex back by half.

There's reasons why you should be following the no contact rules after a breakup. It's not an important stage in getting your ex back just because. I had to do no contact and follow the rules of no contact when I was getting my ex girlfriend back also.

Here's what I noticed. The more contact I had with my ex the more we fought. Yes, I was the one who was dumped, and I admit I was very emotional. 

The more contact I had with her the more I tried to convince her to get back together. The more we talked the more she ended up using me as a safety net for when things weren't going so great with her. Believe me, when I needed help, she was always too busy.

The more contact we had the more distant she became. Yes, I was slowly helping her to ween herself from me and our relationship.

So ask yourself again, "Should I text my ex gf or go no contact after a breakup?" If you gathered anything from this true experience, your answer should be YES!

When I finally wised up and went into no contact and followed the no contact rules after a breakup (also called the rules of no contact), I was really on the brink of losing my ex girlfriend forever. Yes, staying in contact with her was really bad. It was making things worse.

I didn't know why or what I was doing wrong to get her back. I had no clue and finally caved in. I finally got The Magic of Making Up, which became one of the first of many get your ex back strategies that I acquired.

But, I"m getting too far ahead. If you're wondering if you need to go into no really need too. Getting your ex back is a process. The no contact rules after a breakup is an important part of this process. Missing steps within this process only hurts you!

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