Friday, June 15, 2012

Concepts To Conquer During The No Contact Rule After A Break Up!

When you enter the no contact rule after a break up, there's a lot to do than just sit around and hope your ex contacts you. I've always stressed that waiting around during no contact is a huge mistake, but most people seem to do it.

You should've determined whether you are able to use the no contact rule with an ex or limited contact with an ex boyfriend or girlfriend before reaching this article. If you're not sure, visit the link to find out if you should use limited contact with ex or the no contact rule.

One of the first things to do during the no contact rule after a break up is to realize some very important core concepts about you and the breakup in general. I want to warn you, however: Those who get bad advice or think they can gain all the information they need about how to get an ex back from simple articles will completely bypass these concepts.

A complete get your ex back strategy is a process. Getting back an ex, whether you're a man or a woman, is a process. It's not just one tactic, trick, or step. It's a combination of the right steps, in order, that will ultimately give you the best possible chance of getting your ex boyfriend or ex girlfriend back.

So remember that before we proceed to these concepts you need to be aware of and conquer. Here they are:

Concept #1 The Old Relationship You Had With Your Ex Is DEAD!

This is a concept that most find hard to swallow, but it's extremely important to realize when it comes to the future steps in getting an ex back. When you and your ex officially broke things off, you're old relationship was put to rest!

Life is about moving forward. You can't go back - No matter how much you want to or how much you try.

Your relationship ended for a reason. Don't be in denial about this. Trying to recreate your old relationship is the ingredient that will cause you to fail in the long run. Remember, the RELATIONSHIP ENDED FOR A REASON!

Concept #2 Forgiveness Is Key!

During no contact after a break up, you do NOT want to have any of the old baggage of emotions you felt by being dumped. You need to accept the breakup and start moving on from it.

Keeping the bitterness from the break up will halt any progression you'll have in getting your ex back. You're still living in the past, and this is NOT healthy.

This is the time you need to figure out what separated you two in the first place and make those changes. However, do not beat yourself up about this. While you're forgiving your ex, you're also forgiving yourself too.

Negative emotions are not what you want at all. So many people hold onto those emotions, and it does them no good. Now, if your ex really treated you bad and you've come to realize this, forgive them and don't try to get them back.

If you were highly emotional after the breakup and did everything you're not suppose to do after a break up - such as continually harassing your ex - let it go and forgive yourself. We all make mistakes and after a break up is usually a high peak emotional time.

However, it should be noted that if you committed any of the mistakes of what not to do after a breakup, the more you committed the more work you may need to do in getting an ex back. What mistakes you made and how bad can also determine how long no contact is or will be.

If you missed the post on what to do after a breakup for girls and guys and what not to do after a breakup, click the link so you can get a glimpse at how bad you may have messed up and how long no contact may be for you.

Concept #3 Rekindle That Love About Yourself Again!

Being dumped is an excruciating blow to the ego. Everyone has felt this and probably knows the pain it causes.

Getting rid of the lies you tell yourself is an important concept to eliminate during no contact after a break up. What are these lies that keep you down? Here are just a few:

"I can't live without her or him!"

"I'll never find anyone else!"

"I'm such a loser. Who would want me?"

"I'll never find anyone better than he/she!"

Can you see how degrading these lies are to your self esteem? Seriously, start loving who you are again. 

A healthy self image is important. Not just with attracting people or getting your ex back. It's important for you and your health. The no contact rule with ex girlfriend or boyfriend is when you should be taking care of this concept and regaining a healthy self image again.

Remember, your ex was also attracted to you for a reason too. You need to find what that is and emphasize those qualities again.

These above are just some of the concepts to conquer. Some of them are part of the rules of no contact after a breakup, and you should also visit the links to learn more about the no contact rule.


1. Behind No Contact: All About The No Contact Rule After A Breakup - In depth book all about what the no contact rule is, what it does and doesn't do. Extremely important to understand how no contact can help you to get an ex girlfriend and the primary and secondary functions the no contact rule after a breakup has. It's more than just cutting off communication!

2. The Rules of No Contact - Free ebook that details the exact steps and rules to follow while you're in no contact with your ex. The steps in this informative book helps to make no contact an easier process to get through, as well as to put you in the best possible position to win your ex back after the no contact rule. Click the link to read the free ebook and learn the rules of no contact after a break up. 


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