Thursday, March 22, 2012

How To Contact Ex After No Contact!

Did you do everything you were suppose to do during no contact? If so, then it's time to make that important first contact with your ex boyfriend or girlfriend, but if you're wondering how to contact ex after no contact, you should realize that you DO NOT have the complete strategy of getting an ex back.

If you did, you wouldn't be wondering what to do after no contact, nor how to contact your ex. More importantly, I can assume that your ex girlfriend or boyfriend hasn't yet contacted you.

You see, when I went into no contact and performed the rules of no contact, I was lucky that my ex girlfriend contacted me first after a few weeks after our break up. Yes, her contacting me first put me in a better position than if I had to contact her first.

Then again, I was also in a good position because I had learned the how to get an ex girlfriend back strategy front and back. Yes, I mean front and back!

To me, I believed she was worth it, and I was serious about getting her back.

If your ex hasn't contacted you first, I want you to know that it's extremely critical how you contact your ex after no contact and vital what you say. In this case, the safest and most effective way is to text her or him.

Why text them? It's because it puts you and her at a safe distance, and you have a better chance of controlling the conversation than a phone call.

Don't email her either. Text your ex! So how to contact ex after no contact? Let's repeat...send your ex a text message.

But what to say in that text message? You are going to send her an across the bow text message to start off with? These across the bow texts are a great way to gently open the door of communication.

Instead of sending a text that will be drenched in neediness and desperation or a boring text that they won't likely respond to, an across the bow text plants the seed of a positive image inside your ex's mind. Visit the link to see an example of a across the bow text message from the Mike Fiore Text Your Ex Back system.

This is your best and highest chance when it concerns how to contact ex after no contact. Remember, however, after the no contact rule, you're only half way to getting an ex girlfriend or boyfriend back. Now it's time to win your ex back by seducing or re-attracting them.

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