Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Across The Bow Text Examples - Michael Fiore Text Your Ex Back!

I'm going to warn you upfront that "Across the Bow" texts are NOT the only texts you will need to get your ex back. If you have it in your mind that all you'll be using are across the bow texts to get him or her back, you are on the path of failing to get them back already.

Also, you do NOT use across the bow text messages until after the no contact rule. Do NOT skip the no contact rule after a breakup! Getting an ex back is a process, no matter what strategy you use, and if you skip steps, you're doomed for failure.

Don't know what the no contact rule is or how it works? Click the links to learn more about the rules of no contact and the exact steps you should follow during no contact.

Across the bow texts are used after the no contact rule to re-open the lines of communication once you've completed the no contact rule. Once again, there is a FULL strategy behind The Text Your Ex Back system.

However, if all you wanted were across the bow text examples, I'll give a few, but I'm going to tell you first what across the bow texts are NOT used for...
  1.  Across the bow texts are NOT used to get together for a drink or to “talk things out.”
  2. Are NOT used to fix your relationship with one “magic” message.
  3.  Are NOT used to get a booty call (though if you follow the entire system you may get to that point pretty fast).
And before I give you these examples I'm going to tell you what they are used for:
  1. To GENTLY open the door to more communication.
  2. To remind your ex of GOOD TIMES you both shared in your relationship.
  3. To affirm your ex’s feelings in a positive way...called TEXT JUDO!
  4. To create a subtle FRAMEWORK where your ex comes to the conclusion seemingly on his or her own that you should get together and “talk”.
These are just examples and are NOT a one size fits all. You should learn the steps to create text messages that are TAILORED to your ex and his or her personality, in which the Text Your Ex Back system by Michael Fiore teaches you. Here are some across the bow text examples:

1. I just saw Avatar again. Reminded me of the time we went and how excited you were. Put a smile on my face. Hope you're doing great :-).

2. “Just stumbled onto a copy of Eat Pray Love and it made me think of you. Made me smile.”

These are just examples of across the bow texts and how you can use them in achieving a higher chance of success in terms of getting your ex to respond. However, as I warned, across the bow texts are just the beginning. You will need to learn more powerful and effective text strategies to finally re-attract them and win them back. Such are, but not limited to, are these text strategies:
  1. Intimacy Booster Texts
  2. Green Eyed Monster Texts
  3. Emotional Honesty Texts
  4. Texts To Turn Your Ex On
So you see there's more at work here than just using "one" text tactic. This is the same mistake most make when they think the no contact rule is all they need to get an ex back. Like across the bow texts, there's an ENTIRE strategy that needs to be used with the tactic. 

Click the image to learn more about Michael Fiore Text Your Ex Back systemMichael Fiore's Text Your Ex Back system shows you how to do this with easy step by step instructions as well as examples to help you tailor all your texts towards you and your ex's unique relationship. Even more so, he shows you how to handle certain reactions you may get from your ex!

It's up to you! Learn how to text your ex back correctly, or lose them by trying to wing it with as less information as possible (which is why most fail to get an ex back). Click the image to watch the free video and learn how to text your ex back.


  1. No contact works, i cut off contact with my ex, after her saying we should break up after an argument, i told her i could live with her decision, i stopped calling, stopped texting, starting dating and exactly 2weeks later she send a text saying no hard feelings..

  2. I miss her a lot. This is killing me! It's like getting over a drug :(