Tuesday, January 17, 2012

The Rules of No Contact - The Broken Vending Machine And Your Ex!

This is a bit of psychology when it comes to the rules of no contact or the no contact rule. It's a simple reason why the no contact rule is important, and I think it's best explained with this example.

Have you ever stuck money in a vending machine and it didn't give you anything in return? Now, here's the real question: Did you keep on putting money in it?

I sure hope you didn't, because that's simply foolish. Well, that's what you're doing with your ex after a break up. You're putting money into a broken vending machine! Now, in real life you'd most likely go to another vending machine to see if that one works, right?

Exactly! You see, after a break up, you're going to need to completely back off from your ex. Allow them the space and time to think things through. Trust me...thoughts can be quite deadly. You see, what you are doing is giving your ex a taste of what life is like without you.

If you were the one who was dumped, it's imperative you stop putting money into a broken vending machine. Stop trying to fight your ex and directly challenge them to change their mind. It does not work. It only makes their walls go up even higher and stronger.

It puts your ex on the defensive. What you want to do is put them on the offensive, which is to chase you and want you back.

That's a simple psychology to why the rules of no contact are important. You don't keep putting effort into something that's not going to give you the results you want. You put money into a vending machine you expect to be able to buy whatever it is you put money into the machine in the first place.

If your ex is giving you the cold shoulder, much like a broken vending machine, you stop giving that machine attention. Yes, you go to another machine and if that one works great. Maybe next time the other vending machine will be fixed.

Now that was a metaphor for dating someone else while you're in the no contact rule period. Why would you just sit there and wait for that machine to get fixed when there are plenty of other vending machines? It's the same concept of why would you wait for your ex, who's giving you the cold shoulder, to come around when you could be dating someone else?

Whether you want your ex back or not, I have always advocated getting back out there and dating. This makes you more attractive, because you'll gain your confidence back. Dating again will help you to heal and move on.

If you're going through an extremely hard breakup and having a difficult time, I sincerely hope you check out the link and read more about the rules of no contact. There are definite steps to follow during the no contact rule. They really do help to get over a breakup, and you have to do this first in order to have any hope of getting an ex back.

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