Friday, January 6, 2012

Limited Contact Disadvantages Opposed To The No Contact Rule With An Ex Girlfriend

For those who have to use limited contact as opposed to the no contact rule with an ex girlfriend after a break up, I'm not going to candy coat things for you. It's usually a lot harder to use the limited contact rule, and I'm going to explain why you're at a disadvantage here.

It's no stretch of truth that if you were dumped, you're going to be quite emotional after the break up. The advantage of the no contact rule with an ex girlfriend is that you can just disappear and start healing. Limited contact with an ex girlfriend means you have to see them quite often.

This is a challenge. For one, you have to do a lot of acting. I know you're going to be depressed and down, and your self confidence will be shot. Rejection hurts and does this, but here's the thing:

You can't let your ex girlfriend see just how much the break up has effected you. You have to put on a smiling face and get her to believe that you're just fine without her and better without her. Acting will be involved. A lot of acting.

What's worse is that you have to begin to heal and move on. Limited contact is even harder to do this because you still have to see your ex girlfriend. No, I'm not talking about having to see your ex girlfriend because you're needy and desperate at this point. I mean you have to keep in contact because you:

1. Have kids with them.

2. Work or go to school with them.

3. Live with them.

The criteria above is why you have to use limited contact with your ex girlfriend. You cannot use the no contact rule if any of the situations apply to you.

Yes, the no contact rule is easier, because you don't have to see your ex girlfriend. You can heal from the break up and move on without having to see them. Your ex girlfriend wont be around to see how you're really hurting and how you desperately want them back when using no contact. If you can use no contact or NC, you should know the rules of no contact. Click the link to learn more about the rules of no contact.

However, if you have to use limited contact or LC, you should know that you will be out in the open during the times when you have to deal with your ex girlfriend. You are, in a sense, facing the firing squad, and if you handle yourself wrong...she will see right through you and know exactly how you're feeling.

The limited contact rule will put you in many disadvantages, which is why if you don't know how to win back an ex girlfriend, if you don't know the complete strategy on how to re-attract your ex girlfriend will have very little chance of getting her back.

And when I say, "Very little," I mean a lesser chance than if you could use no contact. So, it's really your call here. I've warned you. I let you know where you stand. It's up to you to make the step forward.

Are you serious in getting her back? Here are more resources on how to get her back when you have to use limited contact with an ex girlfriend.

Can you use the no contact rule? If so, click the link to learn how to use the no contact rule with an ex girlfriend and exactly what to do to win your ex girlfriend back.

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