Friday, December 9, 2011

Things To Do To Forget Your Ex!

Although it's impossible to forget someone you were intimate with, there are things you can do to minimize the pain or keep memories of your ex in the background of your life. Here's a list of some of the best things to do to forget your ex or how to get through a break up:

1. Let Go of Them

Let them go. It's amazing how some people hold onto reminders of their ex. I know many of women who are especially guilty of this. They have a box of all their previous ex boyfriends letters, birthday cards, valentines gifts, etc.

When I ask them what the purpose of this is, they always say they want to look back on them when they're old and remember just how much so-and-so was so deeply in love with them. Are you kidding? Seriously? Talk about being vain.

Look, if you want to move on from someone or get through a breakup, reminders only keep you in this past. Also, if they were that great then why did these women let them go? Or, if these great guys broke their heart, why would they want to be reminded of them?

Personally, I'm an extremist, and if I'm looking to forget an ex, I remove everything that reminds me of them. Period! There's a debate about boxing up reminders or just trashing them. To be honest, I don't box up any reminders of exes.

Either I'll trash them or sell them if they're gifts worth anything. Sounds cold-hearted? Well, if you want to forget your ex, erasing as much of them as possible sounds pretty logical to me. Let them go!

2. Drop Out of Their World

There's absolutely no point in keeping in touch with an ex if you want to forget them or get through a recent breakup. I've known way too many people try to go the friend route and have it end in disaster.

If you can drop out of their world and disappear, do so! This helps you to move on without the frustration of seeing your ex or anything else they may do that will disturb you.

3. Start Changing your mindset

Instead of being a victim and seeing how horrible the breakup has left you, start seeing the positives. What do you have more time to do now? I sure hope you didn't say nothing. There's so much to do other than pine over your lost love. Sure it's okay to grieve. I recommend you do it, but start making steps to get over it.

You should be commended for looking up this information. It's a step to healing after a breakup, but realizing that your breakup is not the end of the world, nor is your ex your entire world.

Change your mindset so look for other doors that will open. If you can't get past your ex, you'll never see any new doors opening.

4. Stay Busy

This is important. It's important to stay busy to get your mind off your ex. It's a fact that just sitting around doing nothing will keep your ex at the forefront of your mind. Don't do this mistake.

Get busy. Create a goal of some kind. If you always wanted to write that book, now is the time. Do positive things that can get your confidence back and make you feel good about yourself. Don't hang out at the bar and get drunk. That's a no-no.

Start a new hobby or a new interest. Stay busy.

It's never entirely possible to forget an ex. The things to do to forget your ex that I've listed is more about keeping your ex in the back of your mind instead of the front. They do help greatly.

If you need more tips on how to get through a break up or how to minimize thoughts about your ex, visit the link to learn more things to do to forget your ex.

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