Monday, December 26, 2011

The Nice Guy Syndrome - Attracting Your Ex Girlfriend Back

I'm going to write a little bit about so called "Nice Guys" and why they're constantly getting dumped by women or never even get the woman of their dreams. I'm also going to reveal why being a "Nice Guy" can greatly harm you in attracting your ex girlfriend back if you were what I describe in this post.

So a few years ago, I can admit I was a nice guy. I always wondered why I was getting dumped and why it was so hard attracting women again. I use to think it was the way I looked or that I wasn't rich enough. What I found was shocking and a bit hard to swallow, too.

When, I first found out about this secret I'm about to reveal with you, I totally denied it at first. It didn't seem logical to me at all. I was like, "How does this actually work?" Nevertheless, I was tired of women dismissing me, and like Einstein said:

"The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results."
That really struck a chord with me, because what I was doing was clearly not working for me. So I gave in and started re-framing my mind. So what is this secret that I learned about nice guys?

Nice guys are over-supplicating. Yes, it's true. I was this over-supplicating guy. I thought I was being a good guy and giving what my partners wanted. Here's the thing, though. I wasn't giving what my partners needed.

Women always say they want this nice, sensitive guy, but here's the truth. Guys aren't suppose to be nice and sensitive. Think about it for a second. When us guys were hunters, do you think nice and sensitive would've worked? No, because we wouldn't have killed a thing to bring home to eat.
Here's another thing about the Nice Guy. The nice guy clings onto his partner and makes his world revolve around their partner's world. Now, this goes against everything about attraction between a man and woman. 
Women still look to men to enrich their lives. It doesn't matter how much a woman makes. She's still longing for adventure and excitement. Men who are good with women can provide them this, and no it doesn't take a trip to Europe or a Safari in Africa. All it takes is a strong sense of reality, his reality.

When you do everything that your woman wants, you leave her with no adventure, no challenge. You are going to appreciate something a lot more if you had to work hard for it. However, it what you got came too easy then you're probably going to take it for granted.

Believe it or not, it's the same for women. They do like to work for their man's affection, and when they get it, it's like the ultimate high. However, if they get it without even having to lift a finger, it becomes boring to them. There's no thrill in the reward.

Now do not get me wrong here. This does not mean you have to be a jerk. Not at all, but the so called bad boy that women love have qualities that Nice Guys refuse to tap into.

  1. 1. Like I said, they have strong realities.
  2. 2. They are defiant most times.

What the hell does that mean? It means that the bad boys know who they are, and they're comfortable with who they are. They demand respect and have confidence in themselves. To put it bluntly, they believe that their attention and company is a reward that must be earned.

Nice guys have it the other way around. They put a woman on a pedestal and beg for that woman's attention. They treat them like Goddesses instead of just a regular person. Nice Guys think they aren't worthy so they try to bribe a woman with gifts. 

The bad boy is defiant in respect to changing himself or what he is. He is the least bit concerned of what others think about him. He believes he is a valuable commodity, and will not change for anyone...least of all a woman.

Nice Guys give into demands at the drop of a hat. They're afraid of standing up to their woman when she throws a tantrum (a test to see if you're a real man). Nice Guys are not defiant. 

But like I said, there's a difference between being a jerk and being a real man. A jerk or bad boy hardly ever gives in. A real man knows when to give in and when to stand his ground. He knows his self-worth and value, and doesn't reward unless someone has earned it.

The real man is self-fish to a point, but not overly self-fish like the jerk or bad boy. The real man does not bribe anyone or try to buy anyone off. He can give without expecting anything in return and be completely comfortable with that. 

So, if you have these Nice Guy qualities that I detailed here, it's time you really took a long hard look and started being honest. Do you wanna do the definition of insanity and keep doing the same things over and over yet expect different results, or do you wanna try something different and have it possibly work?

The choice is yours and yours only...

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  1. Hey I have checked out your blog. It looks like you have done some good research here. Keep Continuing good job.

  2. I think, would really work if you really don't know exactly what you are trying to do. To get an ex girlfriend back to and have a new relationship with you again, you must give her a very good reason to get back.

  3. What one must remember is that a breakup happens because attraction is lost. That's why it's important to realize that you can't just pick up where you left off with an ex, because where you left off led to you two breaking up.

    You have to start the relationship off fresh again and reverse the breakup. You have to start a new chapter of your life first. If you haven't fixed what separated you two in the first place, your reunion will be short-lived.

    Re-attracting your ex can only happen if you've moved on from the breakup and the old relationship. Starting off fresh with your ex is paramount. Nobody wants to go back to the same old same old that they left in the first place.

    However, an ex was first attracted to you for a reason as well. Find those qualities and amplify them, while you find the qualities that led to the breakup and work on ridding of them.