Friday, December 9, 2011

A Huge No Contact Rule Mistake You Absolutely Must Avoid! Real Life Example!

So I recently came across a real life scenario that reminded me exactly what not to do while you're using no contact to get an ex back. I know I've stated this before, but perhaps a real life example will make it very clear about this major no contact rule mistake. Well, actually, it's a few mistakes but let's get on with the story.

There's this bar I go to every now and then. I know some of the bartenders. Anyways, I've been visiting this place every now and then for the past year and a half or so.

Like most bars, they have their regulars, and this lady happens to be one of them. She pretty attractive, but almost every time I'm there, I see her drinking and just staring at her phone. When I first saw her about a year or so ago, she was very fit. Now, you can tell she's gained weight.

I'm not saying she's still not attractive. Quite the contrary. She's still good looking. All I'm saying is that you can notice!

Well, I later found out that she's been in head over heals with this guy who basically broke her heart. This is about a year ago since the break up. Now, I know it takes longer for people to heal than others, but it's the fact that she can't let go.

That's right. She still contacts this guy even though he doesn't want anything to do with her. Even worse, he ignores her texts and calls.

Okay, so there's two mistakes right there: not letting go (accepting the break up and start to move on) and still contacting her ex. Her other mistake is that she's drowning herself in booze.

Instead of bettering herself, she's doing the exact opposite. Why? Because this goes to the first mistake: Not letting go.

She's hasn't moved forward. She's still in the past, hoping to make things as they were before the break up. No matter how much you wish to pick up where you left off when you were with your ex, you can't. Why? Because it's the past and things have changed.

No matter even if you do get your ex back, you never want to just pick up where things left off. Where you left off headed you right into the break up to begin with. You have to start off fresh. You have to find out what went wrong and become a better you in order to re-attract your ex.

Learn to accept and let go. Now, this lady is attractive, and I'm betting that because she's still chasing this guy she's missed a lot of new doors that have opened up for her in terms of finding someone else.

Don't make me explain just how chasing someone who broke up with you makes them run even further away from you. However, perhaps, she adheres to the no contact rule, stops texting him, and starts to move on. Does it matter if he comes running back or not?

No, it doesn't. What matters is that she uses the rules of no contact to get over the break up. What matters if she learns to be happy again and get back her power. What matters is that she doesn't miss other doors opening. What matters is that she realizes her life and happiness does NOT revolve around this guy.

No contact isn't just about getting an ex back. You can't get an ex back if you're in denial about the fact your relationship is over for the time being. All you'll be is miserable. Please take this real life example of why no contact is so very important to get your head, heart, and spirit back to a good place.

This tactic is important to help you heal. If you don't know much about the no contact rule or the rules of no contact to follow, be sure to click the link to learn them now.

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