Saturday, November 12, 2011

Why Ex Girlfriend Wants To Be Friends? The Cold Hard Reasons!

If there's one thing that's majorly confusing to most guys, it's when an ex girlfriend drops the "f" word and wants to be "just friends." Every guy has had this happen, but very few realize what motivates an ex girlfriend to suggest this. So, let's get into the reasons why ex girlfriend wants to be friends.

However, I do want to warn you: These reasons may not be what you want to hear, especially if she's the one who dumped you.

Nice Way of Letting You Down -

Nobody wants to be the bad guy. Her friend suggestion is just a way of letting you down easy. She knows you'll be hurt from the break up, but doesn't want to completely devastate you.

She does this so she doesn't have to feel guilty about tearing your heart out. However, what many females don't realize when they pull this tactic is that it's even more cruel to give someone false hope in getting back together.

So, either way, if you've got this question on your mind, "she broke up with me but wants to be friends," don't fall for it. Take it with a grain of salt. She may just be sparing your feelings.

She Still Cares About You - 

Yes, she may still care about you, and isn't ready to let go of the relationship. It's true that feelings just don't disappear over night, even if she ended the relationship. She doesn't want to be with you at the moment, but she doesn't entirely want to lose you either.

You see, if she was entirely over you, she would just cut the relationship off clean. However, despite whatever reasons, she doesn't see you two being together at the moment. Things just ain't working out.

The friend tactic is a typical way for your ex girlfriend to also keep you in the background just in case. Just in case of what, you may ask? Just in case things don't work out exactly as she planned.

Be wary! Even if she has every intention of keeping in contact, you don't want to be in this position at all. Staying friends with someone you love is torture. You'll be the only one who gets hurt.

She Wants To Use You As A Backup Guy -

This is one of the many cruel things that I see women do constantly and guys fall for. Yes, she may have feelings for you still, but so what? There are no benefits being in this situation whatsoever, especially if you still love her and desire to get back together.

This is what will happen if you agree to be the friend/backup guy. She will use you for whenever she is lonely, bored, or needs a shoulder to cry on. Is your ex seeing someone new? This is especially true if your ex is seeing someone new. When things aren't going so smoothly with her new man, guess who she's going to call? That's right, you!

Don't fall into this trap, and that's exactly what this is...a trap! This is especially true after a breakup. You may have hopes of getting back with her, but all you're doing is cushioning her fall. But who's cushioning your fall? She definitely isn't, nor will she.

You see, any offer of friendship from an ex girlfriend is not intended to benefit you in anyway. It's a completely self-fish way for them to make sure their needs are covered.

If you've been in this position before, you'll know that you were expected to do the same boyfriend duties like driving her around, paying for meals, buying her this or that, but without any girlfriend benefits. Talk about a great deal for her, and a crappy one for you.

All the while you're doing this, she's getting it on with someone else. Ugh, talk about torture and being used. Like I mentioned before, staying friends with someone you love doesn't work!

She knows that you are her doormat, and that she has you wrapped around her little finger if you agree to this. She will take you for granted. Even if she does come back to you and wants to try again, do not mistake this nugget of truth I'm about to tell you for one instant: She'll be with you until someone better comes along! Once again, using you as some lousy last option!

You can turn the table on her if you're determined you love her and want her back, but you have to know exactly how to do this. It's not an easy thing to do. There's a lot to learn, but if you follow this strategy you can learn how to get her back and chasing you instead.

Yes, re-attracting your ex girlfriend is absolutely necessary. You can sit there and find a million reasons why the relationship ended, but it all boils down to she lost attraction for you!

And staying her friend will not bring back this attraction. You have three choices here!

You can let her string you along as a friend and let the pain and hurt continue and even get worse over time. It will get worse over time, please believe, I've been there before. The longer you wait to let go the harder it becomes to do so. I don't recommend this choice at ALL!

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The third option is to let go, walk away, and move on. I know this is hard, and the pain is excruciating. However, sometimes it just has to be done, but there's ways to lessen the pain and methods and secrets to heal quickly.

There's a program that I personally used to forget my ex in 24 hrs, and the knowledge I gained from this is priceless. I used this to lessen the hurt, get over my ex girlfriend, as well as a trick that boosted my confidence 100%! This doesn't have to take months like most people tell you.

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So now you know why ex girlfriend wants to be friends. The real question is what you want to do about it?

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