Friday, November 18, 2011

Staying Friends With Someone You Love? Get Your EX Back Blunders!

When I went through my break up, my ex dropped the "f" bomb on me. "Let's go back to just being friends," she suggested. Deep down I my insides twisted but somehow I politely refused and just told her, "Let's play it by ear." Is staying friends with someone you love a good idea?

You see, when I said, "Let's play it by ear," my ex girlfriend gave me a dirty look. I didn't outright refuse the offer, but I sure as hell didn't agree either. I was not rude about it. I actually said it with a smile, and walked off.

I knew that if I agreed to those terms I would never get out of the friendzone. You see, the main point is that I had agreed to stick myself there. Guess what would happen if I wanted to get of there and become something more again?

That's right! She would've got confused and pissed, because I had agreed to her terms. Let me remind you that is the day of our break up. It was not weeks or months after. This was when I knew nothing about no contact nor the complete strategy on how to get an ex back. Yes, that moment was the catalyst for me in getting my hands on those precious secrets, tactics, and methods.

I get the question of can you still be friends after a break up a lot, and my answer is always firm about this particular subject.  And the answer if always:

No, you can't! Not if you still want her back and have feelings for her!

If you want to get her back, it's one of the top get your ex back blunders you can make soon after a break up. Soon after a break up is the key phrase here in the above sentence. The reason why this rings true is because during that time (the weeks before the actual break up and the first couple of weeks after a break up) she has lost attraction for you.

That's why she ended the relationship. It's why mostly all, if not all, relationship ends is because attraction was lost by one partner.

The best way is not to accept friendship with your ex. It's the kiss of doom. Your doom, that is. If you desire you ex girlfriend back, you'll need to accept that the relationship is over for now. You'll also have remove yourself from her life for the time being so you can heal and move on from the break up.

Removing yourself from her world is what is called no contact or the no contact rule. It has many benefits, but do not mistake the main goal of no contact.

Sure, it will help your ex girlfriend to miss you and to think about you, but these affects aren't the primary reasons why no contact is a vital component in the get your ex back strategy. They are just added benefits, or bonuses if you will.

Healing and moving on from the break up is the main primary goal of no contact. I've stressed this so many times, and I hope it really sinks in for those reading my blog posts on the subject. You have to become attractive again in order to win your ex girlfriend back.

Nobody will be attracted to a depressed person who has little value for themselves. That's what happens when someone breaks up with you. You lose value in yourself because you feel rejected. It's natural to feel that way, but let me tell you, it's not right to feel that way.

Remember, your ex was attracted to you in the beginning. You have great qualities that attracted them. Don't sell yourself short because of this break up. You need to get rid of the power she has over you at the moment.

That neediness of her has to be vanquished. Your self worth and love have to be found again. You have to break free of the break up and the negative emotions break ups often trigger.

Staying friends with someone you love will not accomplish this. Not in the beginning, at least. It will only delay the process of getting over her.

No contact is the tactic that allows this to happen.

So can you still be friends after a break up? I hope you know deep down the right answer, and I hope you understand the reason why.

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