Saturday, November 19, 2011

The Stages of Love In A Relationship

Being in love is a great and wonderful thing. However, there is a formula that every relationship goes through. This formula can be called the stages of love in a relationship, and can go from good to bad if you don't know what to watch out for. So let's go into some detail about the stages of love in a relationship:

1. The Fairy Tale Stage

The fairy tale stage is also commonly referred to as "The Honey Moon Stage." This is when everything is exciting, new, and fresh. Everyone puts their best foot forward here, and none of the bad habits or attributes of a partner is overly revealed or problematic.

This is also the stage where a higher tolerance level is at its peak. Butterflies in the stomach flutter constantly, and each partner seems to always have the other on their mind. A constant desire for wanting the company of each other is also at its peak. Out of all the stages of love in a relationship, this one is where love is felt the most strongest.

2. Reality Stage

This is where the fairy tale stage or honey moon stage begins to fade for most couples. Reality sets in, and as each partner begins to know more about the other, their flaws and imperfections begin to rear their ugly heads.

This is the stage where fights seem to occur  a little more frequently, and start to get recorded in the memory banks of each partner. For the guys this is where you screw up and either do two of the following things:

1 Showing TOO much attention or,
2. Not showing ENOUGH attention.

3. The Burn Out Stage

The burn out stage is when interest in the relationship begins to fade. Either you're losing interest in her or she's losing interest in you. The tolerance threshold starts to get reached by one partner, or maybe both. If it's just one partner, he or she may be getting bored or having extreme second thoughts.

This is the stage that is the actual cause of a break up. So many people think a break up comes out of nowhere, but the conception of it begins at this stage.

4. The Break Up Stage

This is the very next stage after the burn out stage. This is when the threshold peak is reached, and it all comes crashing down. Usually, one partner loses interest in the other...this means attraction is lost here.

This is an extremely tough time for the partner who was let go. Often, this partner has no idea why, and the break up comes as a complete shock. However, if this partner had realized what was going on during the burn out stage, he or she could've taken steps to stop the break up.

Unfortunately, many don't and they hit this stage left with the feelings of rejection and hurt to deal with. However, though, break ups aren't always permanent. I know this for a fact, and a person can get back together with an ex after an extended period of time.

5. The Unknown Stage

This stage is the polar opposite of the fairy tale stage. Instead of having the intensity of good feelings, this stage has the exact same intensity of terrible and negative feelings.

I call this the unknown stage, because it's the post break up stage where the rejected partner usually goes through this horrid fear of loss and doesn't know which way to turn. They don't know whether they lost them for good or if they can get them back or what.

Often, they'll try to harass their ex girlfriend into taking them back, trying to convince them that the break up was wrong or that they'll change. This stage is where many guys find themselves who want to get an ex girlfriend back but have no clue how to do it.

Let me remind you that in this stage, the rejected partner has a hard time making rational decisions because he or she is at their emotional peak. For all those who are looking to get back an ex, you're in this stage, and you have three outcomes you can go:

A. You can lose him or her for good and just move on.

B. You can get your ex back temporarily and head right back towards break up, because the things that led to the break up in the first place will resurface again.

C. You can get your ex back and make the bond and relationship stronger than ever before. This outcome is for a very small percentage, because most don't know, or don't bother to learn, how to keep their partner for good and keep the attraction alive.

It's a sad fact that the first outcome usually has the highest percentage, and outcome B has a percentage pretty close to option A. It's because they don't know how to recapture the Fairytale or Honeymoon Stage of the relationship.

They end up doing all the wrong things that push an ex further away instead of drawing them back in. That's sad, but it truly fleshes out those who are serious about getting an ex back and those who really aren't.  If you really want to learn the secrets of how to get an ex back and keep them always loving you, you need to click the images and check out the best get an ex back resources for men and women below:

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