Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Limited Contact With Ex After The No Contact Rule

Can you use limited contact after the no contact rule? You sure can, but it's a very tricky thing to pull off. Actually, it is important that I clear up a few things here first.

First, if you cannot use the no contact rule, you have to use the limited contact rule.

Second, if you can use the no contact rule shortly after a breakup, do NOT use limited contact.

There's no exceptions here concerning this. If you do not know which one you should use shortly after a breakup then click the link to learn about limited contact.

What I mean by the second part to this is that this means shortly after a breakup you either go into no contact or limited contact depending on your situation. If you used no contact, you can use limited contact after the no contact period has ended.

Limited contact with ex after no contact is basically just playing a bit "hard to get." However, be careful with this. Do not use the limited contact rule if the reason your ex girlfriend broke up with you was because you didn't pay enough attention to her or took her granted.

However, if you were the one who smothered her. You're going to have to do the opposite. Remember, what didn't work for you before, you have to change. This is crucial.

Guys who make their girlfriends their whole life and let their lives revolve around them will only keep being taken for granted over and over no matter who they're with. You have to have a separate life. Actually, you have to have a life in order for a woman to stay attracted to you.

Being a doormat and too nice will hurt you. Don't mistake this for a second. "Nice Guys" do finish last. Being overly available at your girlfriend's beck and call will get you a one way ticket to breakup ville. Why? Because it's human nature to take things for granted.

This will confuse and make your ex girlfriend wonder after no contact, because she'll expect you to not be over her. Actually, she'll expect that you'll jump at the chance to meet up with her.

Remember, the limited contact rule is just a tactic much like the no contact rule. It's not a complete strategy. If you're thinking that you're armed with everything you need to know after reading this measly post. Please do think again. 

Limited contact with ex is very tricky after the no contact rule. You have to know the rules of "playing hard to get" in a way that doesn't crush your ex and push them away. Too much of it can ruin your chances, just the same as too little of it can get you stuck in the "friendzone" forever.

Your best bet is to give yourself an edge. Michael Fiore's Text Your Ex Back is a great system that not only teaches you how to regain attraction in your ex's eyes, but also texts on how to get her or him to fall in love with you again.

Visit the link here to look at some across the bow text examples to get your ex to start thinking positively about you again. You can also use these texts to first initiate contact after the no contact rule.

If you're not sure what limited contact is, be sure to visit the link to learn more about limited contact with ex.

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