Friday, November 18, 2011

Is Your Ex Girlfriend Seeing Someone Else, But Wants to Remain Friends?

So you've come for advice to the question, "Is your ex girlfriend seeing someone else but wants to remain friends?" First of all, this is a strange position to be in and you must really ask yourself a few questions before we can proceed.

1. First of all, do you still have feelings for your ex girlfriend and desire them back?
2. Do you not have feelings for them and do not desire them back at all?

If you answered honestly and you picked #2, by all means be friends with your ex girlfriend. However, if you answered yes to question #1, you better realize that there are dire consequences that are not in your favor when taking this route.

Being friends after a break up when you still have feelings for them and desire to get back together is a huge mistake. I know there's lots of advice out there that say that being friends with your ex girlfriend is the best way to sneak your way back into her heart.

Those who give that kind of advice most likely have never used the strategy to get an ex girlfriend back that they are promoting. If they had the experience and used the strategy, they would not suggest putting you through the pain of staying friends with someone you love.

This is especially true if your ex girlfriend is already seeing someone else. This will drive you absolutely crazy to begin with, and you're already dealing with the pain of the break up. How do you honestly think you're going to react?

I bet you wont react very well. In the meantime, your ex girlfriend has the best of both worlds. She has this new guy she's sleeping with, and then there's you - her back up plan. Don't doubt for one minute that you will still be chauffeuring her around, buying meals and gifts, and still doing boyfriend duties without the benefits.

In truth, the only time she'll want to hang out with you is when she's bored, lonely, or having problems with her new guy. You're a last option. A chump and a sucker she's going to use until she is completely over you and the relationship.

Do you really think you'll be able to handle being used and being a shoulder for her when things aren't quite so great with your rival? Yes, he is your rival, your competition. That's if you want her back that is.

Let me ask you this? Do you think she'll offer to be a shoulder for you? No, because you still want to be with her, and the more you address this to her the more you're going to annoy her and drive her further into the arms of her new love interest.

What do you think will really happen if you remain friends with your ex. You're going to get more depressed, frustrated, and angry. Then watch the fights and arguments roll in between you and her. The end result will be losing her for good.

No friend, no getting her back, no nothing. You'll end up pushing her away forever, because she won't want to deal with you anymore.

What's even worse is that being around your ex girlfriend after a break up will also delay the process of you getting over her. Yes, you have to get over her and move on from the relationship to have any chance of getting her back.

If you're still not so convinced, please visit the link and read my blog post on Why Ex Girlfriend Wants to be Friends. I will tell you exactly why she wants you to stick around.

Please take it from someone who has been there and made this very mistake. It won't work, and you'll end up getting the exact opposite result from what you want. The best thing to do is to go into no contact and follow the rules of no contact.

It's also best you click the link and read some helpful tips on how to get through a break up, so you can break the power your ex girlfriend currently has over you. This has to be done in order for you to begin healing so if you and your ex do meet up again in the future, you will be at your absolute best.

So is your ex girlfriend seeing someone else, but wants to be friends? What are you going to choose? The choice is yours, but you've been warned.

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Thanks and good luck

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