Tuesday, November 22, 2011

The Four Stage Strategy To Get Your Ex Girlfriend Back!

I'm going to list the four stage strategy to get your ex girlfriend back, so many of you have an inkling of what it takes to get an ex back. This is to over-ride the huge misconception that the no contact rule is the entire strategy.

1. The Beginning Stage

The beginning stage is just shortly after the break up has occurred. Most guys make every major mistake here. They beg, plead, and try to convince their ex girlfriend that they'll change or to take them back. It's this stage where neediness and desperation is at it's peak.

Only a few have hit this stage and not made the major mistakes. I'm not in this lot, and during this stage, I made many mistakes that I learned not to do after the fact. Visit the link to download my free ebook to learn about the mistakes not to make if you want your ex girlfriend back.

2. The No Contact Stage

This is when you finally realize that you won't be able to convince your ex girlfriend that she's wrong in ending the relationship. This stage you'll realize that you have no other option but to accept it, cut off communication with her, and start healing and moving on.

If you've read faulty and misleading articles about how no contact will get her back, it's a good thing you happened upon this article. My free ebook, Behind No Contact reveals the truth about the no contact rule and exactly what it's main purpose and function is. Also, you'll learn what you need to be doing during no contact. You can also see my post about the rules of no contact.

3. The Win Her Back Stage

No contact doesn't win your ex back. You have to re-attract her again. Did you think it was just going to be as easy as getting her to miss you? Sorry, it's not. A good get your ex back strategy involves nice tricks to speed up the process of re-attracting your ex girlfriend and reversing the break up.

However, none of this will work if you don't understand the psychology behind it. Actually, it's where most go wrong. So get a good strategy. Visit the link to discover how to win her back.

4. The Keep Her For Good Stage

Winning her back is great, but you want to keep her right? Once again, psychology plays into this part, and knowing the attractive traits to keep her addicted and in love with you is where most guys neglect. It seems their only focus is getting her back.

A good strategy teaches you good about attraction, how it works, and how to keep it. Yes, there are a few sneaky tricks involved that every good strategy to get an ex back reveals.

Winning her back is no good if you're just going to end up losing her again after a few weeks, which happens more than you'd like to know. Actually the majority who do end up getting back together will lose their girlfriend again in span of two months.

Once again, I unfortunately have to point out that these fellas neglected to get a good strategy that shows you how to keep her.

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