Friday, September 2, 2011

No Contact Doesn't Work! What If The No Contact Rule Doesn't Work?

I fear looking at forum postings about the no contact rule. I just know there will be a few posters who cry out, "No Contact Doesn't Work!" The funny thing is when I read their story it's pretty apparent they didn't get great information on the subject.

I wouldn't doubt all they did was read a few articles and think the no contact rule was the magic pill that will win their ex back. Even if you're asking, "What if The No Contact Rule Doesn't Work," you're not knowledgeable about this tactic, either.

Why do I say this? Because if you knew the tactic, you wouldn't be asking that question or any questions about, "What's the no contact rule success rate?" That's another big question from those who don't know the real purpose of using no contact.

I've posted many times about this tactic and what it does and doesn't do. It's all over this blog. I even wrote a free ebook on the subject called, Behind No Contact, which details most everything about it.

I'm going to briefly outline the things no contact is truly meant to do:
  1. Stop you and your ex from fighting about getting back together.
  2. Gives you and your ex space away from each other.
  3. Keeps you from further pushing your ex away by your needy and desperate behavior.
  4. Keeps you from further annoying or pissing off your ex.
  5. Gives you time to heal from the breakup.
  6. Allows you time to get your head on straight.
  7. Allows you time to reflect on why the relationship went sour.
  8. Gives you the proper time to improve yourself and make a fresh start.
  9. Can make your ex miss you.
  10. Allows you the time to GET and LEARN a proven and COMPLETE STRATEGY in winning her back!
The last part is where these people who cry about No contact doesn't work fail to realize. If you think no contact is the complete plan or strategy to get your ex back, you are completely, dead wrong! 

That's why no contact doesn't work for them. They're expecting no contact to completely win their ex back. That's like expecting the power button for your remote control to also raise the volume on your T.V. That's not it's function.

While you and your ex have your time apart, one of the things you're suppose to be learning is how to win your ex back after the no contact period is broken by either you or your ex. Let me repeat this: After the no contact period is the win her back stage!

And guess what? The win her back stage involves a whole set of rules and tactics to do just that.

So now you know that no contact works if you use it for it's intended function and no contact doesn't work if you use it for what it isn't intended to do.Makes sense, doesn't it?

What to do next? The next step is to visit the link and download Behind No Contact so you wont be one of the people running around saying, "No Contact doesn't work!" It's free.

If you'd like to learn all you can, you can also read my posts about the rules of no contact. I do suggest you try and learn everything you can about each aspect of how to get your ex girlfriend back if you want a better chance of success.

I also advise to download my free ebook about the 10 Mistakes To Avoid When Getting Your Ex Girlfriend Back, so you know exactly what not to do when trying to get her back!

Learn about the no contact rule and then get the recommended resources in both ebooks so you know how to win her back after no contact. Trust me, when you know you'll realize why it's absurd to say, "The No Contact Rule Doesn't Work," or ask the silly question, "What if the no contact rule doesn't work?"

Remember, putting in half-assed efforts will only give you half-assed results.

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