Sunday, September 4, 2011

Another Of My Best Social Proof Examples To Make Her Jealous To Get Her Back! Part Four Finale!

As promised here's another one of my best social proof examples and just why it's so important in case you have to use limited contact with your ex other than the no contact rule. Now, the difference between this example and the previous example in the article before is this time I knew exactly what I was doing and why.

I talk a lot about my current girlfriend, who was my ex, it's been two years since I got her back...and this is another real life example of how I attracted her back.

When I had first met her in college, I asked her out and she refused me...saying that she'd love to be friends. Ouch! That dreaded friend zone.

However, I took it in stride and told her that she shouldn't assume I asked her on a date or wanted to date her. I was just asking her if she wanted to hang out. This was done during one of our school breaks, so we didn't have contact with each other for awhile.

So, when the next quarter came, we ended up having a class together. I was already seated when I noticed her walk in. She didn't notice me and sat in the same row across the room from me. After a while I turned to look at her and she did notice me. She waved, and so did I.

Now here's the kicker. I'm a pretty upbeat and friendly person...most I had a great group of friends in school. Quite a few of them were really good-looking females.

Just like Janae in my earlier post, my girlfriend began noticing that I had social proof, or social value. Now, don't get me wrong here. I didn't make friends with these good-looking girls just to make my girlfriend see me as having social value.

The truth is that I had already met these hot class mates a while before I had even met my girlfriend. We usually had the same classes and always sat next or near each other.

However, social value and being able to prove it is important. It made her think twice about declining my offer. Why? Because she saw me with all these other people laughing and having a good time and wondered what she was missing out on.

This strategy can work with limited contact as well. It can make her think twice about ending the relationship.

If you haven't read my earlier posts about how to make her jealous to get her back, I suggest you click the colored text above and go back and read them.

Remember, limited contact is like the no contact rule in one respect - it's just ONE tactic that should be used within an entire strategy to get her back. It's NOT the entire strategy. not substitute limited contact if you can use the no contact rule. If you don't know which one to use, read my post about the no contact rule vs. limited contact to determine which one you have to use.

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