Monday, August 29, 2011

Social Proof Examples To Make Her Jealous To Get Her Back Part 3

This is the third part of why you need to make her jealous to get her back while you're using Limited Contact. In the last post, I discussed why social proof is an important ingredient of the jealousy tactic. In this post I'm going to give you my ultimate best social proof examples from my real life.

When I worked at Macy's a long time ago, there was this real, super hottie named Janae. She was a sales associate, and every day she always had a group of guy sales associates surrounding her.

They were typical guys, kissing up to a good-looking hottie, and basically acting like puppy dogs. Needless to say, none of them had even a remote chance with Janae, because their behavior was NOT attractive.

There were the guys who lavished attention on Janae, and then there was me who gave her no attention at all. What she ended up doing was coming over to try to talk to me all the time. Yes, she would break away from her fan club and actually try to get my attention.

Now don't get me wrong here. Not giving her any attention was only part of why she did this. The truth of why she sought my attention was because I showed her social proof.

Sure, not showing her much interest got her interest because she was used to every guy giving her attention and trying to get with her. However, what really rubbed her ego wrong was that I was always hanging around other female employees who weren't as attractive as her.

Or, so she thought they weren't as attractive as her, and the fact I was doing this was an attack on her ego. To be honest with you I wasn't doing this intentionally. Actually, I really don't dig chicks that think they're all that.

Anyways, the fact I was always chatting it up with others besides her, and these others liked being in my company was the social proof I gave her.

She probably thought, Why isn't this guy giving me attention, and why is he giving those other girls attention? I'm much better looking than all of them!

The real kicker was she probably thought this also, All these other people seem to like him and having a great time around him. What am I missing?

Playing upon her ego, she started conversations with me. Of course, I was polite and nice, but I didn't put forth much effort or interest, and this made her chase even more.

How does this apply to using limited contact to help get her back? It applies because you need to pique her interest in you again. Striking at her ego and showing her that you are socially valuable will get her thinking if she made a mistake. You want her to think, What am I missing?

This can't be done during no contact because with no contact, you're suppose to completely disappear from your ex girlfriend's life for a while. With limited contact, you're contact will be as limited as possible, and you will have to see each other either daily or every now and then.

This is my best of all the social proof examples that came from my own personal life. As I've always stated that no contact is just a tactic within a complete plan, it's the same for limited contact. Limited Contact is just a tactic that can help you draw her back towards you, but it wont win her back.

You have to attract her again, and only a complete plan will help you to do this. If you seriously want her back, get a complete strategy that's proven to do just that. You can read my review of one of the best get her back strategies.

If you've yet to read parts 1 & 2 of how and why you need to make her jealous to get her back while using limited contact then please click the blue link to do so.

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