Friday, August 12, 2011

She Is Just Not That Into You - Top Signs She Is Not Into You!

Even though many guys look at this list to determine whether a new potential female likes them or not, these same signs that she is just not that into you can be applied to guys who are trying to get an ex girlfriend back. To make it clear, it doesn't matter if you just met her or were together with her for years, these top signs she is not into you are universal indicators pretty much across the board.

So for the guys who are looking to score with that babe they recently met or the guys who are trying to hook up with their ex girlfriends again, if you get any of these signs listed below it's either time to pack it in or time to change your game plan and learn how to attract her the right way.

1. The Excuse Machine

She's like a vending machine of excuses to why she can't meet up for a simple cup of joe. It's like her life is going through Armageddon and about to explode or implode any second. The most used of these excuses is the famous, "I'm just so busy lately." Another commonly used and similar phrase is, "I don't have any time."

The translation in Womanese for these two statements are - "I'm too busy for you," and "I won't make any time for you." Look, fellas, if a woman is interested she'll carve out a time slot for you.

However, for the guy trying to get back with ex girlfriend, these excuses from her can mean that she's not comfortable meeting you just yet. If you had gotten the complete strategy to get an ex girlfriend back, you would've known exactly what to say to get her to agree to meet you.

If you haven't gotten this strategy, you should really consider doing so.

2. Does Not Return Texts/Calls In A Timely Manner OR At All.

It's true that something could've came up where she may have not been able to return your call or text message quickly. Maybe she was in a meeting or left her cell phone accidentally at home, but every single time?

If it takes her hours to get back to you or if she doesn't get back to you at all, you can be assured that you are not a priority in her life and she is just not that into you. Also, if you're the one who always has to initiate contact, it's a good sign that you need to move to better pastures.

3. Forgetting Way Too Much

If a woman forgets about dates or meet ups with you constantly, she isn't all that into you. Put it to you this way - If she had a date with Brad freakin' Pitt do you think she would forget? No, she wouldn't. If she forgets important dates in your life (such as Birthdays, etc), you need to forget about her and move on.

Guys, if you're trying to get your girlfriend back and she's giving you this treatment after no contact, have some dignity and pride for yourself and stop contacting her forever. She ain't worth the trouble or time. If you're looking to get your ex girlfriend back and have no idea what no contact is, it's time you learned about the no contact rule before you even try to get her back

4. Get Out Of My Space

Everybody has a personal space and then an intimate space. A good test to see if she is into you is by invading her personal space a bit. Just stand a bit closer than normal and if she backs up and away from you, it's not a good sign. Remember, this just may be a habit, but if she does this every time, she doesn't want to get close to you.

It's equally worse if you are her ex boyfriend, and she exhibits this behavior. However, it's not the end of the world. You may need to do more work into making her feel comfortable around you again. Like mentioned before, a complete strategy in getting back together with your ex girlfriend will show you how the tactic of how to lower her guard towards you.

5. No Future

This is pretty evident that if your ex girlfriend never suggests to hang out or "Futures You," there's a good chance she doesn't want to hang out with you.

It may be different if you just recently met the gal. She may be shy or she be traditional, meaning she expects the man to make the initiative. However, if this is your ex girlfriend, fellas, this is a dead sign that you messed up somewhere during the get her back strategy. Chances are you probably didn't have a get her back strategy to begin with.

And if that is the case, you have no one to blame but yourself.

6. So Tired, So Tired!

Guys, if you got past no contact, got your ex girlfriend to meet up with you, and you've been hanging out for a bit, I want to congratulate you. Most don't even get this far (because they refuse to get a proven strategy).

On the other hand, and this goes for you fellas who just met a chick and are on date three or four, if she is always complaining that she's tired and yawning when she's with you, it's not a good sign that she's all that into you.

When a girl is into a guy, they are usually excited around him because they want to be in his company. Don't be a chump and make excuses for her and assuming that maybe she's just had a long day or whatnot. Reread this fact: Women are usually excited around guys they are into.

7. She Constantly Cancels Like It's Going Out of Style

There's no excuse for this second class behavior, and that's exactly what it is. It's a shame that women are notorious for constantly pulling the cancel card. If they do it once, give them the benefit of the doubt. If they do it twice, don't bother with this girl anymore.

That goes for guys who just met a girl recently or guys who are trying to get back together with an ex. If they stand you up twice in a row, please have some dignity and pride and just walk away from these women. You don't want to deal with second-class behavior anyways. You've got better things to do, and they're not worth your time.

These seven are the top signs she is just not that into you, and I've geared this list more towards guys who are trying to get their ex girlfriends back. Some on this list can apply to guys who are interested in a woman they just met as well.

Guys, I mentioned many times of having a proven strategy to get your ex girlfriend back. Most of these signs can be avoided if you know the tactics within a proven strategy to prevent these signs from happening. Guys who just wing it or refuse to get the proper information will get these signs over and over.

They won't realize that they've just lost their ex girlfriend pretty much for good until it's way too late to undo any of the mistakes they made. Don't be one of these guys. Whether you're a guy who wants to attract new women or a guy who wants to re-attract his ex girlfriend, learn how to prevent theses signs she is not into you from happening in the first place by clicking the link.

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