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The Rules of No Contact! How No Contact Rule Works!

In this post I'd like to clarify the exact rules of no contact that you should follow if you want a greater chance of getting back your girlfriend after a breakup has occurred. This post will also strengthen my stance that the no contact rule works only when you do everything in your power to make it work.

Rule Number One: When All Else Fails Go Into No Contact!

The first rule is quite simple. If you were the one who was dumped and you want her back, it's critical you go into no contact before you further destroy your chances of getting back together with your ex girlfriend. As I've stated in numerous posts, the worst thing you can do is try to convince her that she's wrong in breaking up with you when you're in a highly emotional state.

To be blunt, it flat out doesn't work! You will only start fights and arguments with her, and if you carry on with this failed game plan long enough, you will completely push her away by doing irrational and idiotic things, as well as saying all the wrong things to her.

Remember, you will need to determine if you need to use no contact or limited contact.

Rule Number Two: No Contact Means No Contact!

Some guys fail at this, and they go into no contact with every intention of seeing it through. However, somewhere a long the way they break and end up contacting her again. Do not mistake any other reason for why this happens except that these guys did so out of desperation and neediness.

In order for no contact to fully work, you have adhere to what this tactic's name literally implies. The next rules will help you to ease this particular problem.

Rule Number Three: Remove Traces Of Her!

In order to help get her off your mind, you will need to remove any physical reminders that you have of her. Pack any gifts, pictures, etc that she gave you or you kept and place it in a box. The second part to this is to store that box in a place you have a hard time getting to.

This is for the simple fact that if these reminders are easy to get to, you may bring them out when you have a weak moment. Write her number on a piece of paper and put it in this box as well. Then delete her off your phone.

If you think you'll have a problem with checking out her facebook or Myspace profile from time to time, delete her off those things too. It's not necessary, but if looking at her profile will trigger you to want to contact her then it's probably best you do delete her off your friends list.

Rule Number Four: DO NOT DO NOTHING!

This is the worst mistake that so many guys make when using the no contact rule. They end up doing absolutely nothing during this period, except wait around and count the days. The number one reason why most make this mistake is because they get misleading and terrible information about no contact.

You will need to keep yourself busy during this time. Trust me. It's hard enough not to contact her when you do keep yourself occupied. It's even worse if you're just sitting around and thinking about her constantly. Get out there and get active.

That's not a suggestion. That's one of the rules of no contact, and if you want it to work properly, you'll need to follow this rule religiously.

Rule Number Five: Improve Yourself!

Another thing that most guys fail to recognize is the fact they need to improve themselves during their time apart from their ex girlfriends. Too many guys think that they don't have to do any work on themselves, and they'll get her back if they just disappear for a little while.

That thinking will only assure you one thing: Losing her for good! As I've said and will always say again and again...A relationship ends for a reason. People don't leave a relationship when they're content. Figuring out on your own why she may have called it off is extremely important, as well as fixing this problem.

I'm not saying you need to completely change who you are when you improve yourself, but there's nothing wrong with bettering yourself. You'll need to stay busy anyhow during no contact, and improving your life is a great way to do this.

You'll need to know all that you can about this tactic, so be sure to click the link and download my free ebook that details what you need to know about how no contact rule works to give you the edge you need.

Rule Number Six: Get A COMPLETE Strategy In Getting Your Ex Girlfriend Back

Yes, I emphasized the "COMPLETE" part, because way too many people are thinking that no contact will get her back or no contact works to get her back. I want to greatly clear up this misunderstanding!

No Contact is just part of a complete strategy in getting your ex girlfriend back. It's a single step or tactic that optimizes an entire strategy to work properly in giving you the best possible results. This is the most important rule to no contact, and the one rule that way too many people are neglecting.

To have the best optimal chances of getting her back, you'll need to get the entire strategy while you have disappeared from your ex girlfriend's life for the time being. The no contact rule allows you the time to obtain this information and to learn it.

Most guys trying to get an ex girlfriend back will fail right here at this very rule, but I don't want you to. Discover one of the best strategies on how to get back together with an ex by using a system of simple but POWERFUL text messages!

This effective system is called the Text Your Ex Back system and is highly recommended to use after you've completed the rules of no contact and it's steps!


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