Monday, August 22, 2011

Real Life Example Of The No Contact Rule & Just Why You Should Use It!

Heya guys,

Vin Jones here, and I'm going to tell you a crazy story of just why you should go into no contact rule from a personal and recent real life example. This story is going to give you insight on just why you should use the no contact rule right after a breakup, and you'll get why if you're doing anything in this post.

I'm going to forewarn you right now this post isn't about how no contact works. It's about why you should use it.

Okay, so I was with this girl for a very, very short time four years ago. Yes, she's an ex girlfriend, but not the same one I wanted back and talk about so much when it comes to getting an ex girlfriend back. Just wanted to make that clear from the get go.

Anyways, so four years ago we called it quits, and I haven't spoken a word to her since, until about a month ago. Yeah, I was surprised when I received her voice mail, and called her up out of curiosity. She called me under the guise of "just seeing how I was."

So from there, she started calling almost everyday, and then some crazy talk started escaping her lips. She started talking about moving to California (she lives in Illinois by the way). Before I knew it she started calling everyday.

Personally, I don't really like nor care about her all that much to be honest, so many times I just didn't answer my cell phone. Then crazy really started happening. If I didn't answer, she would call back repeatedly almost every 25 or 30 minutes.

Does that sound familiar? If you've recently gone through a breakup and have been trying to convince your ex girlfriend to take you back or she was making a mistake, I'm betting that you're doing something along the lines of this ex I'm dealing with right now.

Look, I've known this before, but, however, I've never been on this end of the stick. Let me tell you just how frustrating it is. So if you're doing this, stop now, and realize that you're not fighting for her. You're pushing her farther away, just like this ex is doing with me.

So about four days ago I finally answer the phone and tell her that, "Hey, what's up with this? I'm not your boyfriend. YOU NEED TO STOP CALLING ME!"

Although she hasn't been calling repeatedly like she did before within a single day, she still calls everyday, even leaving me the voice mail, "Hey, call back!" This only strengthened my affirmation of why guys absolutely need to use the no contact rule if they're pulling this needy and desperate behavior.

I don't know why this ex from four years ago is acting so needy. I haven't a clue, but it's not attractive at all. It actually repulses me so much that I don't even want to deal with her.

Now, don't get me wrong here. I'm not saying that she should go into no contact with me, and that's going to make me want her back. I'm giving you a real life example of how it feels in your ex girlfriend's shoes if you're trying to fight with her about the breakup.

I'm giving you a real life example of just how needy and desperate you may appear if you're doing the same things as my once upon a time ex. Trust me, I did the same crazy things as she was doing just shortly after my current girlfriend had broke up with me about a year ago.

And I can really, really, really understand why she had ignored me then and didn't want to deal me at the time also. Look, if you were the one who was broken up with, you're going to be highly emotional shortly after the breakup. You may just do some wacky and crazy stuff.

This is why you should use the no contact rule. I'm betting you my crazy ex from the past is going to call again tomorrow, and this is going to do nothing but piss me off even more. So, if you're trying to convince your ex with phone call or text or email terrorism, stop now and realize it ain't working.

It's having the opposite effect of what you think it's doing. Now, you know why you should go into no contact, (one of the reasons is to help you get yourself under control and stop doing crazy) it's time for you to learn how to use it to help you get back with your ex girlfriend.

And four years is way too long of a time to be out of contact with someone. It really allowed me time to move on and lose any feelings for her I once had. The longer you wait to get the right information on how to get your RECENT ex girlfriend back the more you risk in her adapting to life without you.

So if you're new to all of this, take a look around my blog, learn the rules of no contact and why you should use it, and if you're serious about getting her back, download my free ebooks about the mistakes to avoid in getting her back and the no contact rule.

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