Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Part 2 of How Can I Attract Women And How To Be Better With Women

In the last post I explained that being better with women is a learned skill. Nevertheless, if you're asking yourself, how can I attract women, you need to start off with the basics. Just like you build a house, you need a good foundation first. So as promised in my last post, let's take care of some attractive body language.

Attraction starts immediately as soon as a women lays eyes on you. There's about three seconds that a person - man or woman - will have in making an assumption about you from your looks alone.

For example, if you look mad, do you think you're going to be a person she will want to meet? Probably not.

So here's some keys to having good body language.

1. Good Posture!

Okay, good posture is a sign of confidence. You want to stand up straight, but not like a Marine. You'll want to be relaxed as well. No slouching or hunched over shoulders. I had a problem with this when I first started, but I learned to stand up straighter.

2. Walk Deliberately But Not Like A Maniac!

Those guys who walk like they're always in a hurry are not good at attracting women. Those who walk with a deliberate purpose but are not in a rush to get there usually are. Why, because they look more relaxed and confident.

Slow down your walk a tad. Don't slow it down to a turtle's pace, but walk a little slower. Slow down, dude! You'll learn that this principle of slowing down will be brought up time and time again in future posts.

3. Strong Eye Contact!

Like with good posture, I had a big problem with strong eye contact while talking to women. However, when I was able to directly look a woman in the eyes while conversing, it was amazing at just how I was able to be be better with women and attract them.

4. Smile!

Look, you don't need to walk around with a cheesy smile on your face all the time, but I've noticed that when I walk around with a closed smile, I tend to get smiles back from females. Especially, if I give them direct eye contact also.

5. Don't Fidget!

Fidgeting is a sign of nervousness, and will make those around you feel nervous as well. You need to be cool, calm, and relaxed to appear attractive to women.

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