Wednesday, August 3, 2011

One Key To Getting Back Your Girlfriend You Must Know! Get Back Your Ex Super Tip!

A lot of sites claim that all these game-playing tactics to getting back your girlfriend are things you shouldn't do, because they're manipulative, unfair, and blah, blah, blah. This may be true but guess what? Attraction ain't fair, dating ain't fair, love ain't fair, and, most certainly, life ain't fair.

Guys have to approach women, guys are expected to call and ask them out, guys are expected to pay on the dates, open and hold doors, etc, etc. Why don't we reverse this and have women do it to make it fair? Well, because and let me repeat: Things aren't fair. They never were and never will be, amigo.

I repute any of the statements that claim the game-playing tactics shouldn't be used as hogwash from the mouth of someone who never actually went through the experience of getting an ex back or had to use the get your ex girlfriend strategy. If they did, they most definitely wouldn't be saying such non-sense like that.
If they want to play fair, we have to be honest first. So let's be honest here for a moment and see what we come up with when it comes to men and women and dating. 

As we've established, attraction isn't fair, and it's a lot more than just about six-pack abs with a classic Greek body for guys. We get judged on every aspect of ourselves from how we dress, to how we look, our personality, and how we make the woman feel, our friggin' jobs, the car we drive, shoes we wear, how tall or short we are, etc.

What do guys mainly judge women on as potential mates? Looks. That's mostly it. Let's be honest, fellas. What makes us want to approach a woman or "get to know them" is because we were attracted to the way they looked. If they had a personality, that was just an extra bonus.

Women know this. They're not stupid. Why do you think they spend so much time getting dolled up when they go out on the town with their girls? It isn't to look pretty for their girlfriends, unless they were lesbians. If they're not, and let's assume most aren't, they get all dolled up to go out and attract their dream guy.

Sorry, guys. We have all the odds stacked against our favor, and knowing a few tricks to attract the ladies is more than fair concerning all that we're being judged about with women. It's like a friggin' interview, and you're not the employer. You're the employee begging for the job.

Do you see what I'm getting at here? Women have a lot of power over us men. It sucks, but it’s true. The sad part is that we give it to them. It's not their fault. We put up with it and continue to let them get away with it. We chase, chase, chase and stumble over each other to get to certain ones, like beautiful women were a rare commodity like gold on this earth. Let me let you in on a little secret, guys:

Beautiful women are NOT rare. There are so many of them around that it truly amazes me why we men still think and behave this way, but here's the thing I want you to know. It's something that women have learned very early on, and they've mastered it like a superpower over us guys.

It's something so simple you'll wonder why you didn't realize this before. Are you ready for this one key that can help you get your ex girlfriend back?

It's the power to walk away.

It's a statistical fact that women breakup with men more than men breakup with women. It's also a statistical fact that on average women have more lovers than men do in their lifetime. Wow, if that doesn't break the stereotype of men being so called, "Dogs."

The thing that most men haven't figured out is that they have this same superpower also. The power to walk away means you have respect for yourself if you feel you're being mistreated or your girlfriend crossed a boundary. The power to walk away means you have standards, and you stand by them.

It also lets women know you're not going play their games, and, yes, women do play games. Women will constantly test you to see if you stack up. I told you love ain't fair in the least bit. If you don't pass their tests, you'll get dropped for a guy who will pass them.

Women find these traits attractive. You ever known a guy who's a complete player? He may have been the most popular guy in school or whatever. You ever see the way he interacts with women? You may think the girls go goo-goo over him because of his looks, and that may have some truth to it.

However, it's really because he brings women into his world, and he doesn't get sucked into their world. Most guys are like puppy dogs that follow them around and get sucked into their girlfriend's world, just begging for their attention and approval. The few exceptions have that I don't care if you come a long, but come a long if you want attitude. He is willing to walk away if his standards are violated, and this gets girls chasing after him like bees to honey.

Am I saying you need to be a jerk like most of these so called player guys are? No, absolutely not, but I am saying that you need to learn when to walk away from women who don't treat you up to your standards. Does this mean walk away from them for good? 

May be yes, and may be no. It means not being sucked into her game. It means reversing the game that women so often play. Two can play the walking away game. However, it mostly means not putting up with behavior you don't approve of from her. She can throw her tantrum or whatever, but don't get sucked into it. You won’t deal with second-class behavior, nor will you be affected by it.

Repeat that! You won't deal with second class behavior.

Call it being a challenge or whatever game-playing title or tactic you like. I just call it being a man with standards, a man who respects himself. 

This is something you'll have to learn if you want to get your ex girlfriend back. I can throw every tactic, trick, tip at you, but if you still have the mindset of the puppy and she's like this super rare bone, you're going to fail in getting her back. And that's a huge problem.

Most guys will just fast-forward to all the proven tactics and tricks, without learning the necessary mindset that’s so important to have. It's like those guys who want to learn how to attract women. They learn all the cool lines and tricks, but they don't learn the part about having self-confidence. 

The problem is that the tricks will only last so long until she finds out the truth. There really isn’t much difference in trying to get your ex back as opposed to the strategies you learn in attracting women. Actually, much of the attraction strategies work in getting her back. After all, you’ll be trying to re-attract your ex girlfriend after all.

It's the same thing in getting her back. You may get her back for a short while, but if you just skipped to the tactics and tricks, it won’t be long until she is reminded just why she broke up with you.

So one of the first things you need to do is let go after a breakup. As hard as I know it sounds, it’s a must. If you ignore that step, you will fail. You’ll still be that needy, desperate guy.

However, the most important thing you need to do is really sit back and think about whether you truly want to get her back or not. Be honest with yourself and really determine if she fit your standards of what you want in a partner.

This isn’t really about getting your ex girlfriend back or how to get your ex girlfriend back. It’s really about you. Don’t forget that. It’s about you first. Not her. You cannot control someone else or how they feel. You can only control yourself. You determine how you feel and how you act or react.

If you try getting your ex girlfriend back with the mindset of it’s all about her, you’re not on the right road here. A lot of guys do this. They wonder will no contact bring her back or what does the no contact rule do to your ex girlfriend or what does the jealousy tactic do to her? Once again, it’s not about her, and like I mentioned before, tricks only last so long.

Sure, no contact does do some things to her like make her miss you, but this tactic still isn’t about her. It’s still about you. If you want to get an in-depth look at no contact and know everything about it to help you in getting her back, you can download my free ebook Behind No Contact by clicking the link.

So take some time to really think hard about if you want to get her back or not. If you decide that you and her just aren’t a good pair and there is better out there for you, stop reading this and learn some tips on how to get over a breakup and move on. Once again, you can read my book Behind No Contact. There’s really good advice on how to move on from a breakup. Plus it’s free so why not learn some valuable information? Just click the link to go to the download page.

If you decided that you really do want to get her back, I hope you make this a firm commitment because there’s going to be work involved. Quite a bit of work to be exact. I’m not going to lie to you and tell you that’s this will be a piece of cake or a walk in the park. It absolutely will not.

You will have to make a commitment, you’ll have to learn the complete get your ex girlfriend strategy, and you’ll have to apply it. There’s no ands, ifs or buts. Going into this half-assed will only assure you failure. There is no half-assed when it comes to getting your ex girlfriend back or anything in life, really. You will get what you put in. 

I’m not saying that you’ll have a 100% guarantee that you’ll get her back if you follow the complete formula, but I will guarantee that you’ll have a better chance to get her back. If you want a percentage, it’s above an 80% chance. I am one in that 80%. Yes, I used the complete formula and got my ex girlfriend back so I know it works.

It’s a whole lot better than if you were to try getting her back on your own. There are an unbelievable amount of pitfalls and mistakes you can make. I have a free ebook that teaches you the 10 worst mistakes you can make in tryingto get your girlfriend back. If you want to read it, and I suggest you do, give that link above a click to get to the download page. Did I mention it’s also free?

Like I said, most guys don’t get the complete formula, and over 90% of those guys who don’t get it fail miserably. That’s not to scare you. That’s really just the plain truth. So make a decision, and stick by it. You can walk away for good, or you can click the link to discover how to get your ex girlfriend back. As always the choice is yours, but no matter what route you take, I wish you all the best and more. Good luck.

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