Tuesday, August 9, 2011

More Signs Your Ex Girlfriend Misses You

Continuing from my last post on signs she misses you, this post will give you some more insights to how to tell the signs your ex girlfriend misses you. These signs are displayed by the majority of women out there. Of course there are the few exceptions that are flat out strange or just cold-hearted and evil. There are some out there so take caution. You know your ex girl best.

1. She Contacts You On A Daily Basis:

Okay, if you remember in my last post, I told you to watch out for this one. Sometimes women will use an ex boyfriend as a safety net or backup plan. It's true and a sad fact that many women are like this and don't even realize it. However, if she contacts you continually then that is more than a good sign that she misses you.

But, since I told you in the last post to be wary of this sign, it's best to determine if she truly misses you or not if she displays these other signs to go along with it.

2. She Talks About The Past:

If she mentions really great moments you two shared together, it's a good sign that she misses those moments and that connection you two once had. She may long for it again. Remember this is only a good sign she misses you if she brings up good memories. Bringing up bad memories isn't a very good sign.

This sign should be in conjunction with the She Futures You sign in the previous post. Click the link to read the previous post - Signs She Misses You.

3. She Tells You She Misses You:

I've had this happen to me when my girlfriend and I reconnected once again after no contact. She told me she missed me, and it was backed up by the action of wanting to see me.

Remember, actions speaks louder than words here. If she says she misses you and you try to meet up with her for coffee or whatever and she continually makes up excuses not to see you, chances are she doesn't mean what she says.

This sign should only be verified if her actions match what she says, and you should never try to draw this out of her. What do I mean? Never try to get her to say she misses you. That means you do not say you miss her first.

Actually, do not say it at all right when you two meet for the first time after no contact. If she says she misses you, reply with a, "Oh, yeah?" If she tries to validate herself to you by proving just how she missed you, you're off to a good start, buddy!

4. She Wants To Meet You:

Of course, since I mentioned this in the previous sign, this last sign should be acknowledged as a sign she misses you as well. The fact that she wants to see you again is always a good sign she misses you, and if she mentions this first before you do, that's even better.

Once again, these signs are not fool-proof. You know your ex girlfriend, so you should be able to access these signs in relation to her personality the best. I would say that if you get three or more of these signs, which includes the ones from my previous post as well, you can be sure that she misses you, indeed.

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The fact that she misses you does not mean that she wants you back. She may just miss you and your company. If you want to get her back, you should learn the tactics and strategy to do just that. Feel free to look around this blog. It's packed with great articles and advice on how to get your ex girlfriend back.

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