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More of The Rules of No Contact - The Best Advice About The No Contact Period!

Taking up from where I left off in my previous post, this one will address more important rules to the no contact period. If you haven't yet read my earlier post just click the link to learn about the rules of no contact that come before the ones you're going to discover in this post.

However, let's recap. In the first post to this series, you learned about the beginning stages of no contact and the rules you should follow. Completely cutting off communication is the crucial first step and the following rules will help you not to break no contact.

Getting rid of reminders of her is important as well as staying busy and improving yourself. Finding out what factors that have caused the breakup is a critical step, too. The last rule of the prior post is to learn the complete and total strategy to get her back while you have temporarily disappeared from her life.

If you have already read the previous rules and understand them then congratulations and proceed to the following rules below:

Rule Number Seven: Create A Goal That Has Nothing To Do With Your Ex!

Ever wanted to learn how to paint or salsa dance or start your own business or write or play the guitar? If you've had some kind of dream of writing a novel or painting a masterpiece or starting that business, the time apart from your ex girl is the perfect time to do this.

Rule Number Seven goes hand in hand with with rules number four and five, and not only will having a goal keep you busy while improving yourself at the same time, these three rules combined will help to keep your mind off her and help to rejuvenate your confidence.

Remember, this goal must be a positive one. Many of my Break Up 2 Make Up newsletter members had the goal of getting in shape and shedding some pounds, which is unbelievably great. That of course is just an example of a positive goal to set for yourself.

Please don't make this all about the superficial, either. Learning how to write that novel or finally play that guitar is just as rewarding and has nothing to do with your outside appearance. However, I do recommend exercising because physical activity helps to decrease stress.

Rule Number Eight: Try To Date Again

Once again, don't sit around and think that you're ex girlfriend is the only perfect one for you out there. Considering how many people are on this planet, it's really absurd to think your ex girlfriend is the only person meant for you.

Try dating again when you're in no contact, but do this for yourself. Don't do this just to make your ex girlfriend jealous. I highly recommend this if you were the one who was broken up with. Why is this?

It's because dating other people helps you to move on from a breakup, and that's exactly what you need to do. You don't want to go back to her the same way you were shortly after she broke up with you. Shortly after a breakup, you are not in the right frame of mind.

Who knows, maybe you'll just meet that special woman who'll change your mind about your ex girlfriend. It's a possibility, and as I've stated in the post prior, one of the worst mistakes you can make is to just sit around and wait for your ex girlfriend.

Rule Number Nine: Don't Rely On Alcohol Or Drugs!

If you want to know one of the many reasons most guys break no contact - other than because they gave into neediness and being desperate - it's because they go out and drown themselves in drugs and alcohol.

Remember, the whole point is to get your head on straight after the breakup and at least get yourself back into a good state. Not a worse state. Alcohol and most drugs are depressants, and they lower your inhibitions which can greatly increase the chances of you doing something really stupid.

Don't turn to alcohol or drugs. This wont help you in your cause in getting back together after a breakup. It will only reinforce the breakup and never getting back together.


Okay, I don't agree with those who preach about 30 day no contact rule or the 60 day no contact rule. I don't agree with time limits about how long it will take someone to do everything that it takes to learn how to get her back.

The only thing that I will agree with is that the longer you wait the more time you allow for her to get over you. That's just a fact. You don't have forever, but rushing things can be harmful as well. 30 days may be too short and 60 days may be too short or too long.

Am I saying you have time to procrastinate? Absolutely not. If you follow these rules of no contact you should be learning the complete plan in getting her back. However, I do know that many people are skeptical and take longer to get on the ball.

I was skeptical at first. Yes, I'll admit that, but once I was committed, I got on the ball rather quickly after that. Once again, it's important to learn everything you can about the no contact rule, which is why I wrote the free ebook, Behind No Contact, which details everything you need to know about the psychology behind the no contact period and you can download by clicking the blue-colored link.

You can also read my newest FREE ebook called the Rules of No Contact which details the exact steps and rules you should follow during no contact. Click here to read and download this free ebook or click the image below.

Click here to download the Rules of No Contact Free Ebook!
However, as I've stated before and will always state, don't just rely on this single tactic. It's not the full plan, and only relying on one tactic, like the jealousy tactic, without learning how it's integrated within a full strategy is a recipe for failure.

After all you can't build a table with just one screw can you? Once again, if you have not read my first post about the beginning rules of no contact, be sure to do that before you continue.


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