Monday, August 29, 2011

Make Her Jealous To Get Her Back! Using the Jealousy Tactic During Limited Contact!

In certain cases you will need to make her jealous to get her back. This jealousy tactic can be an important element when you are forced to use limited contact and cannot use the no contact rule.

Limited contact means you must limit yet keep connected to your ex girlfriend. Don't mistake that this fact is a disadvantage compared to the no contact rule, which you can just vanish from her life.

Yes, you'll have to work even harder if you can't use no contact. If you see each other everyday, you lose much of the mystery card because she will know what you are up to.

She will wonder about you less because you are still present in her life. However, using the jealousy tactic while using LC can be effective.

People have egos. For guys who were broken up with, they may only want an ex girlfriend back because their egos were bruised from rejection. During no contact, they may figure out that they really don't want their ex girlfriend back and the relationship wasn't really all that great.

For women, even if they did the dumping, they expect you to be heart broken. Even though they don't want you to harass them by begging and fighting for them back, they also don't want to have that feeling that they meant nothing to you.

When you start dating again, this will give her an ego shock. Women are very competitive towards each other when it comes to men or looking better than the girl next to them.

With LC you will have to show your ex girlfriend social proof that you are still a valuable "catch." With no contact or NC, you show them nothing during that period and let your ex girlfriend's imagination run wild. With LC or limited contact, you don't have that luxury.

To be blunt, you're being watched by your ex girlfriend because you have to keep in contact with them or see them every once in a while. That's why dating and working towards moving on as soon as possible is important, because you can't do it behind the scenes like with the no contact rule.

If you don't know what the no contact rule vs. the limited contact rule or even which one you should use, you'll need to click the link to find out limited contact vs. no contact.

If you already know you need to use LC, then please click the link to read the second part of this make her jealous to get her back post.

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