Monday, August 29, 2011

Make Her Jealous To Get Her Back During The Limited Contact Rule Part Two!

In the last post we talked about why it's important to use the jealousy tactic with the Limited Contact Rule as opposed to the no contact rule. Click the link if you've yet to read the first part to make her jealous to get her back while using Limited Contact.

I also mentioned social proof in the last post as well, and many of you are probably wondering what I mean by this. Social proof just means that you're proving that you're valuable.

Don't doubt that you lost value with your ex girlfriend when she broke up with you. She wouldn't have broke up with you if she saw you as someone valuable enough to keep.You have to regain this value back by social proof.

In order to make her jealous to get her back, you have to follow the rules of Limited Contact. One of these rules is to show her you're not affected by the breakup. That you are indeed moving on. Another rule is to start dating again.

You don't need to tell her this or shove it in her face, but she has to be aware of it. You do this by social proof, by being social with others and showing her that others enjoy your company and like being around you.

This makes you valuable, and she may begin to realize or ponder if she made a mistake in breaking up with you. If you don't know the rules to Limited Contact, you should click the link and read an earlier post I wrote called, Limited Contact With Ex Girlfriend.

In the next post we are going to look at a real life and great example of social proof, so click the link and to read and learn from one of the great social proof examples I did without even knowing I did it.

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