Sunday, August 21, 2011

The Do's And Don'ts of Breaking The No Contact Rule or NC!

I have to apologize, folks. It's become clear to me that I don't have set and clear definitions of breaking the no contact rule and when someone should or shouldn't do this.

Sure, nuggets of this topic is spread around on this blog and clearly defined in the Behind No Contact free ebook I wrote and have available for download on this blog. However, I wanted to have this subject of breaking NC all in one post.

Many ask the question of when they should or should not contact their exgirlfriend again, and it's a reasonable and great question so let's get this started, shall we. Let's start off with when you should not break no contact.

Before 30 days is up!

I know I've stated in earlier posts about the rules of no contact that time limits should be taken with a grain of salt. I mean, who really knows just how long or short one should stick to this tactic, right?

Yes, I still stand behind that, but, however, a month of no communication with her is the minimum. You do not go any less than a month, and you do not break no contact until at least one month has passed.

I do not mean that this tactic should last exactly one month. I better explain this in my posts the rules of no contact and more rules of no contact, so click the link to get a better idea of no contact and how long it should last.

Doing It Out Of Neediness & Desperation!

Okay, if you haven't gotten rid of neediness and desperation yet and you're in the no contact period or NC, I'm going to assume these things:

  1. You've been relying solely on reading articles here and there about NC on how to get an ex back, and this is the first one of mine you stumbled upon.
  2. You've been skipping steps and just fast forwarding to the all tricks and tactics in the complete get her back plan.
  3.  Or, three, you've been refusing to even obtain a complete plan to get your ex girlfriend back and solely relying on what you've been reading online.
If there's two things you need to get rid of in order to get your ex girl back, it's getting rid of neediness and desperation. Every get your ex back resource will emphasize this, and anyone online who's writing articles on helping you to get an ex back and actually used the complete plan successfully will emphasize this also.

Why? Because it's fact, that's why. If you've contacted your ex before 30 days, you did so out neediness and desperation. Unless, these factors apply to you:
  • You have kids with your ex
  • You live with your ex
  • You go to school with your ex
  • You work with your ex
If those factors above apply to you, NC cannot be used whatsoever. You will need to use limited contact, also known as LC, and you can find out more about this alternative tactic by clicking the blue link above.

Now, let's get into the reasons of when to break NC. Actually, I should say the smart reasons in breaking no contact.

She Contacts You

If you want her back and she contacts you, it's perfectly fine to contact them back. However, you will go right into limited contact. Don't be like some excited puppy dog and run full steam ahead to get back with her.

You will need to take it slow and do the all the steps and tactics in the win her back stage. Wait, another stage after NC? I thought all I had to do was NC? If you're thinking this, you definitely haven't read any of my articles and this is the first one.

Yes, there is a win her back stage and no contact doesn't do this. Unlike many people writing articles about this subject, I will never mislead anyone into thinking that no contact is the only thing they'll need in order to get her back.

Once again, if you're confused about that, I definitely know you do not have a complete plan in getting her back.

When You Have A Proven Plan And Know This Plan

Speaking of the proven get back your exgirlfriend plan, this is the ONLY other acceptable reason for you to recontact your ex again. This means that you are ready and know all the stages, steps, and tactics to pull her back and then win her back.

If you don't know, you're not ready and your chances are pretty slim. I know, I say that a lot, and believe me, I'm pretty tired of saying it. However, too many guys out there are solely just using tactics to try to get their girlfriends back. They're not using a complete strategy.

This is where a lot of guys will fail, because they will break no contact without a clue of how to do it properly or even the steps after to attract their exgirlfriend again in the win her back stage. As the old GI Joe cartoon said, "Knowing is half the battle."

I hope you don't think your work is done yet, because you have more to do. Especially if you thought no contact was all it took to get back your girlfriend.

Once again if you're confused about the no contact period then you can refer to my earlier posts about the rules of no contact and you can download the free ebook Behind No Contact. It details everything about this tactic, including everything you've read in this post about breaking the no contact rule. Just click the blue little link to get free ebook.

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