Friday, July 22, 2011

Win Your Ex Back With No Contact Rule - The Cold Hard Truth

There's tons of information on the internet about the no contact rule and how you can win your ex back with the no contact rule. However, you should be very wary about information claiming this, and I'm going to tell you why.

First about me. Why should you even listen to me? I'm Vin Jones, and about a year ago my girlfriend broke up with me. I was devastated. I had tried to get this woman for almost 3 years, so you can see just how bummed I was.

Well, I firmly stand behind the fact I went through hundreds of dollars learning EXACTLY how to get my ex girlfriend back. I learned the proper steps, the no contact rule, and what to do after no contact and GOT her back. Yes, I was skeptical at first about all of it, but I was curious to see if the get her back strategy did indeed work.

So you can say that I know from EXPERIENCE! I've been exactly where you've been, and I know that you can come out the other side. I did.

But enough about me. Let's get back to the topic at hand. Can you win your ex back with no contact rule? Simply and technically put - NO!

No contact is just one step in the entire get your ex girlfriend back strategy. It's NOT the entire strategy. Way too many people are being mislead that no contact is all you need to know in order to win your ex girlfriend back.

I'm here to make sure you're NOT mislead. When I wanted to get my ex back, the last thing I wanted was to be mislead. Even to this day, it pisses me off that there are people trying to teach guys how to get their exes back who know nothing about the complete strategy or applied the steps towards their own breakup.

Yes, you do need to know about the no contact rule. You need to apply it, but you also need to know the steps before no contact, the steps during no contact, and the steps to win her back after no contact. That is the plain, cold and hard truth to the question: "Can you win your ex girlfriend back with no contact rule."

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