Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Why Women Like Men With Girlfriends

If you wondering why women like men with girlfriends there are quite a few reasons why this is the case. In this short article about attraction, I'm going to explain a few important factors about this subject.

Men and women are strangely competitive creatures. When a woman sees another woman with a man, they automatically think that this man has something going for him in order for this woman to be with him. The more attractive the female, the more the value for this guy raises.

Value is the keyword here. Think of a product and why people want it. Remember when the PS3 first came out, and how it was nearly sold out everywhere? What was the perceived value that made that product so popular?

When a man is with a woman, he is projecting a perceived value to other women, and if the female around this man's arm is gorgeous, other women will be curious as to what this man offers her in order for her to choose to be with him.

Men are not the same way. They see an attractive female, and regardless of whether she is with someone or single, they basically want to get frisky with her.

Another reason why women like men with girlfriends is usually because men who are taken aren't always on the prowl like single men. Single men tend to act creepy and make females uncomfortable because they are trying so damn hard to score. Taken men tend to make women feel more safe.

So hopefully, I've given you some insight on why women like men with girlfriends. There are of course other factors involved and much of this has to do with fundamentals of attraction. If you're curious about attraction and what makes females attracted to a man, you can read this article to get even more tid-bits about females and attraction.

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