Friday, July 29, 2011

How The Movie No Strings Attached Can Help You Get Your Ex Girlfriend Back!

Did you know that some movies just have it completely right...well for the most part...when it comes to how to get your ex girlfriend back. Let's see, the first movie I can think of seeing was Better Off Dead starring John Cusak. If you ain't seen it, go get it. It's funny and can teach you a lesson about how to get her back.

However, Better Off Dead is not the movie I wanted to discuss. The movie I wanted to discuss is No Strings Attached with the ever gorgeous Natalie Portman and Ashton Kutcher. I highly recommend this movie, because it has quite a few principles from the genuine get your ex girlfriend back strategy.

For those who have seen the movie let's do a review shall we, and see how this movie can make things a bit clearer of the psychology to the get your ex girlfriend back strategy. Besides it's pretty funny, and when you're going through a breakup, a chance to laugh is something that should never be turned down.

Ok, now if you remember correctly, Adam chases Emma throughout most of the movie, and Emma was very stand-offish. Sure they were friends-with-benefits, but it was obvious that Adam was feeling more.  When things started getting intense, Emma suggests that they stop and that Adam should sleep with other women.

There's a particular scene when the jealousy tactic was bluntly used, and this was after a period of no contact was used. It's a funny scene, and Adam sends a pic to her of himself with two girlfriends. Well, this makes Emma jealous, and she goes to Adam's house.

Basically, she runs the other two women off and Adam and her hook up again. As they lie in bed, Emma says, "Don't ever disappear on me like that again."

Now, I'm pretty wary about the jealousy tactic, and the way Adam did it in the movie is not something I recommend. Remember, this is still a movie. Am I saying it couldn't happen. Sure, it possibly could go well doing what Adam does in his jealousy trick, but I don't endorse it to get your ex girlfriend back. The jealousy tactic can backfire also.

Anyways, let's get back to the story. When Emma and Adam start hanging out again, Adam goes back to pressuring her about possibly being an item.

This is a mistake that I've talked about before and that's rushing things after no contact ends. After agreeing to go on an actual "date" with Adam, Emma freaks out on the date and once again pushes Adam away. It's then that Adam decides he can't keep having his heart broken and tells her, "I wont see you again."

Once again the no contact rule is used, but this time, Adam truly starts to move on. The movie then shows time go on and Emma is miserable. Finally, Emma's sister has Emma call Adam. He answers, and she tells him that she misses him and wanted to hear his voice.

Adam rebuffs Emma, and tells her that he has to go. Adam enforces Emma that she's lost him, and guess what? She realizes that she loves him and begins to chase him.

This is no contact in it's perfection. I'm not saying that everyone who uses no contact will have results like in the movie, but I sure did and watching the movie was a trip back down memory lane.

As I've always swore, I never had to use the jealousy tactic, and I think the movie over dramatized it a bit. Remember, it's a movie, but it does have quite a bit of truth to it.

However, sometimes you are in a position where you can't use the no contact rule. This is when you have to keep some sort of contact because you have kids with her or work together or whatever. This alternative tactic is called Limited Contact, and if you're in that situation you should click the link to learn more about limited contact.

Anyways, get the movie on Netflix and have them send it pronto. Other movies I recommend are Better Off Dead and 500 Days of Summer. If you haven't already, be sure to download the free ebook Behind No Contact by clicking the link.

Remember this truism: The more you chase, the more she runs away. Sucking up to her only places the power back to her, and all that hard work you did during no contact just went out the window. Play things cool. Don't be so available to her.

So take a little lesson from a movie to get your ex girlfriend back, and maybe the movie will be true to your life someday as well.

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