Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Limited Contact With Ex Girlfriend

A lot of people are hearing about the no contact rule, but what is this limited contact with an ex girlfriend?

First off, if you can apply strict no contact in your breakup situation then do so. Limited contact is used only for those who CANNOT apply it. Some reasons those can't apply strict NC are as briefly follows:

  1. You live with your ex girlfriend.
  2.  You have kids with your ex girlfriend/or ex wife.
  3. You work with your ex.
  4. You go to school with your ex.
If any of the above reasons apply to your breakup situation then keeping some kind of contact is a must, but that doesn't mean you can't limit your contact with her. If you want to get her back, you will have to limit your contact with her.

I wont lie to you. Having to use limited contact makes it harder for you to get an ex girlfriend back as opposed to no contact, but there are a few key things you need to do in order to make LC work:

Be Polite - It's crucial that you remain as polite and cordial as possible. Does this mean you kiss her ass? No. It simply means you don't show her that you're affected by the breakup.

Limit Your Time With Her - You don't milk each conversation with her. You have things to do, and you're not waiting around for her any longer. Keep your interactions with her as short as possible, but be polite about it. Remember, being mean or rude only shows her that she got you.

Always Be The One To End Each Interaction - Be the first to end each interaction. Remember, you have better things to do and being the one to end each interaction shifts the power back to you. Show her that you are no longer wrapped around her little finger.

Get A Life - I don't mean this in a bad way. It's true that once guys get into a relationship, we often focus our world around our partner, hang out with good buddies less, devote less time to hobbies we use to love doing, etc. Start doing those things again, and try new things as well.

Start Dating - You don't have to flaunt this in front of your ex girlfriend, but it's crucial that you start dating again while using limited contact. Yes, this jealousy tactic can work if used correctly. It can also backfire if you use it incorrectly. Start dating for you and to help you move on and break the power she has over you. Don't start dating just for the sole purpose of making her jealous.

Find out if you need to use limited contact first and then follow this post. If you want more information about this tactic then read my other article - The No Contact Rule vs. Limited Contact by clicking the link.

WARNING: Like the no contact rule, limited contact is just a tactic and NOT the COMPLETE strategy or plan in getting your ex girlfriend back! Do not expect to win your ex back just by using limited contact.

You'll need to know a proven and complete strategy, and the best system for those who have to use limited contact is the Text Your Ex Back system. Why? Because since you have to talk and keep in limited contact, Text Your Ex Back shows you exactly what to say to re-attract your ex back. Visit the link below to discover one of the best proven and successful strategies. This plan is useful for both men and women looking to get an ex back.


You can also learn a very useful tactic to use a long with limited contact. Follow the link to read just why you should make her jealous to get her back while using limited contact.

If you don't have to use limited contact and can use strict NC, then you will need to click the link to learn all about the rules of no contact.


  1. My ex girlfriend broke up with me about three weeks ago and she wanted to remain friends. I agreed to this before I knew about the "No Contact Rule". Luckily, I only sent her an emotionally charged text once a few days after the break up when I couldnt sleep. I started reading about NC shortly after that. The problem is that I go to school with her and we are in the same classes (graduate school) 4 days a week. I know how powerful these strategies are because after only two days of limited contact, she saw me talking to some other girls in our class today and she sent me a text saying "You look very handsome in black" out of nowhere. Before this it was all one word texts and school related things. I simply replied "Thank you". What I'm wondering is where do I go from here? If she compliements me again, should I compliment her back? Also, we have Spring Break coming up in a few days and we will have a 9 day break from school. Should I go from limited contact to no contact during that time? She usually texts me daily, but just about school related things and I use one word answers. Thank you so much for this website by the way, it's quite therapeutic to read.

  2. It appears you're not reading the right information on how to get an ex back or attraction for that matter. You want her to convince herself that she made the wrong decision. Limit your texts and don't answer every single one of them. You are busy moving on, you are busy dating other people, you are NOT there for her anymore as a "boyfriend".

    The more you let her get away with doing boyfriend things without her having to do girlfriend "duties", the more she will see you as weak and take advantage of you. She wants to remain friends because she is unsure of letting your entire relationship go. Basically, she is keeping you on the back burner.

    No, you should NOT compliment her back. You're reply should have been, "I Know" when she complimented you and then leave it at that. Realize that somewhere down the line, she lost attraction for you as an intimate mate.

    Stop replying to her school related texts. You are under no obligation to help her whatsoever if you did not agree to being friends in the first place. However, when you see her, be polite and courteous and ALWAYS end the conversation, stating, "Well, it was nice chatting but I gotta go (insert activity here).

    Never have that activity be something dull or overly detailed. Be vague like, "Nice chatting with you, but I gotta go meet up with some friends."

    She is trying to keep you on the leash and gauge how much you still like her. The more ATTENTION you give her, the more she knows she has you wrapped you around her finger.

    I seriously suggest you read 3% Percent Man by Corey Wayne, or Text Your Ex Back by Michael Fiore to understand more about the principles of attraction and getting your ex back.