Saturday, May 21, 2011

No Contact Rule When Ex Girlfriend Is Dating

It's one of the things you fear the most, that makes your stomach churn and kicks that desperation into overdrive - your ex girlfriend dating again. It can send you into a downward spiral and completely crush your spirit. However, it's important you follow the no contact rule when your ex girlfriend is dating.

No matter how much you want to reach out and try to stop this from happening...DON'T! Do not look like a desperate fool and initiate contact hoping that you'll be able to sabotage or convince her to dump that guy because you're so much better.

All you will do is push her even further away!

Neediness is not attractive. Desperation isn't attractive either. Stick to the no contact rule, and do EVERYTHING you're suppose to do during no contact. Did you think all there was to it was cutting off communication with your ex girlfriend?

Think again.

Whether your ex girlfriend is dating again or not should not be any concern of yours if you're using the no contact period correctly. Remember, every new guy she dates will compare to you and all the intimate moments you two shared together.

That can work in your favor if you were a decent guy to her. So play it cool and don't lose your head if you find out if your ex girlfriend is dating again. Stick to the no contact rule when your ex girlfriend is dating and don't break it unless she contacts you first.

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Also, be warned, that no contact is not all you need to know in order to get your ex girlfriend back. It's only a single tactic within an entire strategy. If you want more tips, tricks, and advice, join my newsletter by visiting The Break Up 2 Make Up.

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  1. Good post. I have a question though. I went 4 months of no contact after a 4 1/2 year relationship. Well she contacted me for the first time in 4 months the other day and we talked for about five minutes. But the reason she called is because she heard about something that happened in my family and that's what we talked about the entire length of the phone call. Except for the end when I was switching topics and simply asked "so how have you been doing". She said she was good and then rushed to get off the phone and hung up on me without even saying bye.

    So my question is should I try to start talking to her again in a few days or keep nc. I do know that she still has a boyfriend and has had one since a few days after our breakup. Should I make the next move or wait for her to contact me when she actually wants to talk about us?


  2. Well, congrats on sticking with the no contact rule. Believe it or not, most fail in this aspect, but like I said in the post and many other posts, the no contact rule isn't the complete strategy on how to get an ex back.

    It does show that she still cares about you with her contacting you again, but it's not anything to go overboard about. Take things slow. Have you been dating again?

    I'm assuming you may have limited knowledge about the no contact rule or the entire strategy to get an ex girlfriend back.

  3. i have been dating a girl for 4.5 years and we have recently broken up 1 week ago, I saw her on Friday at her choice, she was waiting for me to ask her to marry her and i didnt although i planned to get engaged at christmas to her she gave me an ultimatum but i couldnt tell her that i planned to get engaged in a couple of weeks to her, well she took that as a no future and elected to date a old high school friend from 30 years ago, she tells me she loves me and needs time her heart is aching and she needs to date a little, do you think the no contact rule will work? i have not e-mailed or contacted her since we met on friday, there is another man in the picture

  4. I don't see why you couldn't tell her you were planning to get engaged to her, nor why you didn't just propose to her when she gave you the ultimatum? I know you want the proposal to be special on Christmas, but life doesn't always go as we plan. She loves you and you know that she was expecting you to ask her to marry you. Her heart is aching because she thinks you don't want to marry you and she loves you.

    There is no reason to go into no contact. Talk to her and be honest. Ask her to marry her. Don't wait till Christmas, you may lose her by then as she is seeing someone new. This guy is a clear rebound!

    If you ask her and she says she needs time to think, then go straight into no contact until she makes up her mind.

    This scenario calls for complete honesty here, since you already know she loves you and what caused the break up.

    BE HONEST WITH HER! Ask to meet up again, and get this perfection fairy tale engagement thing out of your head. Yeah, it would of been nice to have proposed to her on Christmas, but that's not an option now. Nothing is perfect, life doesn't go as planned...mostly ever! So seize the moment, before you lose the opportunity for good.

    My best wishes are with you buddy and Good Luck!

  5. We dated for 9 months in London, we were friends for 4 months before that, then for 8 months LDR. She broke up with me over email as she said in her later emails it was too hard/difficult to break up over phone or skype (rather had to as she asked for some big decisions while I was traveling for 1.5 months) dec 15. we had an incredible compatibility, chemistry & emotional bonding! Anyway she is in a rebound relationship now. she started dating from the very next week! in her own words - "I am in a serious relationship with someone else"!

    I was in touch with her through phone and email in Jan! She appeared to be happy to be friends, talk to me over phone & email though preferred email!
    My question is I am in delhi she is in london, we had Long distance relationship, so No contact or low contact is better for now [I emailed her 3 weeks back to which she last replied 2 weeks back] as the starting phase to reconciliation & reuniting?

    Thanks & Regards

    1. Long distance relationships are a waste of time. I've been in a few until I woke up and realized that there were so many beautiful women in my area alone, why am I wasting time with a girl thousands of miles away.

      I suggest you learn more attraction techniques and find a great girl near you. Forget about long distance...people and intimate relationships were not meant for long distance.