Saturday, May 21, 2011

No Contact Rule vs. Limited Contact

What's the difference between the no contact rule and limited contact? Most guys who are looking to learn how to get back an ex girlfriend have at least heard of the no contact rule, but what about limited contact? Let's start off by clarifying the difference.

Sometimes, the no contact rule cannot be applied in certain situations. Certain situations such as working with your ex girlfriend or going to the same school, having kids with her, or living with her. In these unique situations, strict no contact cannot be used.

Limited contact means you limit your contact with your ex girlfriend in case avoiding her is simply not possible. You try to be as rare as possible. You should always end contact first, and not hang around and try to talk with her as long you can.

Communication should be direct and brief. If you have kids with her, only discuss matters about the kids. Don't chit chat about your day or the weather. Should she try to engage in that conversation, change the conversation to the reason why she called. II the matter is solved, then politely excuse yourself.

If you work with her, only talk to her about professional matters and make them brief. You don't have to be rude. Be polite and friendly, but keep it short.

The point is that you don't want to seem desperate for her attention, but you don't want to completely be a rude jerk either. You want to appear busy, and that the breakup has not effected you deeply. You've moved on and are busy.

This is limited contact. Instead of completely disappearing from your ex girlfriend's life like strict no contact, you make yourself rare.

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