Sunday, April 24, 2011

What Is The No Contact Rule? What If I Break The No Contact Rule?

This concern is becoming quite a popular question and the truth is that if you're asking this question of "What if I break the no contact rule," you are NOT on a good path to getting her back. However, let's first discuss just what is the no contact rule to begin with?

The no contact rule is a powerful tactic that helps you get your ex back. It's just one step in a dozen or so steps to get her back. Don't go thinking that just using this tactic is all you need. It isn't. This tactic, also called the no communication rule, is exactly what both names imply.

You don't contact your ex girlfriend.

Basically, you disappear from her life for a while. No contacting her, no visiting her, nothing. As counter-intuitive as it sounds, it works in helping to get back your girlfriend. Note the keyword is "helping."

If you want more information on exactly what is the no contact rule and how to use it properly, download the free ebook, Behind No Contact, which takes an in-depth look at this powerful tactic. After reading it, you'll everything about it and what you need to do during this period away from her.

Let's dive into the next question since so many are asking, What if I break the no contact rule?

However, this also depends on what you mean by breaking no contact. Was it because she contacted you first? If she broke contact, it is perfectly fine that you contact her, but take care. How you handle yourself after no contact ends determines your chances of getting her back.

Yes, you have a VERY good chance of blowing it after no contact ends. Don't make the mistake of thinking that she is just going to crawl back to you.

If you are refusing to get a complete and proven strategy on how to get your ex girlfriend back, you're chances are slim to none. That's not to scare you...that's just a plain fact.

Relying on just the no contact rule without knowing the psychology or the step-by-step formula is a major reason why you keep breaking no contact. It's perhaps the main reason why you're failing in getting her back.

If you're dead serious about getting her back, then I suggest you check out The Magic Of Making Up. It's the number one guide that will teach the step by step process of what to do after a breakup, how to get her to miss you, how to re-attract your ex girlfriend, and, even more important, how to keep her. Click the image below to learn more.

The 2nd way of breaking no contact is one you should be HIGHLY concerned with. If you're the one who broke no contact, and even before the 30 day grace period, you are NOT using the no contact rule correctly.

Once again, I advise you download my free ebook and learn exactly what is the no contact rule before you mess up your chances to get her back even more.

The more you break the no contact rule out of neediness and desperation, the more you will have to start back to square one again, which is no contact. The more this is done, the more she will get use to no contact until the tactic is no longer effective. Then guess what?

You lost her forever, simply because you didn't learn how to use no contact correctly and even more important...because you refused to get a proven strategy!

So What If I Break The No Contact Rule, you ask? You should be asking how to use no contact so you have the best possible chances of getting her back.

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  1. Girlfriend of a year and I broke up about 2 months ago - she naturally tried to keep me around after the break-up, and I did, for about 5 weeks - and then finally called her and told her we need to not talk for a few months (2) while she figures out her life and I work on mine. Was waiting that 5 weeks disastrous to the effectiveness of no contact? Or is it still ok? We havent spoken in almost 5 weeks now.