Sunday, April 17, 2011

Real Life Stories Of Getting Back Your Ex Part 3

Hey, this is Tyler Graves, guest blogging once again, with another interview about "Real Life Stories of Getting Back Your Ex" with Vin Jones and a very special guest.

In this article, we're actually going to have a Break Up 2 Make Up newsletter member who successfully got his ex girlfriend back talk about his experience and how he was able to achieve this. So here we go folks...let's drop some real life knowledge here.

T.G. - Thanks for taking a moment out of your life to let us ask you a few questions and share your experience.

J.H. - No long as you don't use my real name.

V.J. - Oh, absolutely, not!

T.G. - So, what was your break up like? Who did the breaking up, you or her?

J.H. - She was the one who ended it, but it wasn't like it was a big shocker. I actually expected it for a while.

V.J. - So you two weren't getting along prior to the breakup?

J.H. - Well, I noticed we were growing distant and it was like she would start little arguments for very little reasons.

V.J. - No begging or pleading?

J.H. - Well, I tried talking to her about it, but that turned out very unproductive, so I distanced myself. After the breakup, I immediately went into no contact straight away.

T.G. - How did you find out about no contact?

J.H. - I read an article by Vin before the breakup. I was actually searching for reasons why my girlfriend was acting weird and came across a few articles about how to know if she's going to dump you. When a few of those signs panned out, I started looking for how to save your relationship and came across Vin's article.

V.J. - Completely different than my experience. What do think is the best thing you learned out of this whole experience?

J.H. - I think the best thing I learned was that I didn't need her, but wanted her. I could live without her, and I loved the way you explained how to kick her off that pedestal in your mind. The thing I really learned was what it was that caused the breakup in the first place.

V.J. - Which you did during no contact?

J.H. - Yes, I followed your Behind No Contact ebook and then later got the Ex2 system by Matt Houston.

V.J. -  What made you finally decide to take the plunge and get the complete strategy? Most people think they can do without it and just wing it.

J.H. - Curiosity. Well, that and I did want to get her back. I guess I really needed that extra sense of security of knowing that I had the best odds of doing so. It was worth every penny.

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