Saturday, April 23, 2011

Ex Girlfriend No Contact & Why You Make The No Contact Rule Work!

So your girlfriend is now your ex girlfriend and you're left wondering how you can reverse this. You're probably on the brink of a melt down and scouring the internet for any piece of advice to help you get her back. You've probably heard of no contact with your ex girlfriend, but do you really know what it's about?

I'd be rich if I had half-a-penny for every time someone asked me does no contact work to get an ex girlfriend back. The answer is complicated. Why? Because there is actually a correct way of using no contact and a completely wrong way.

Most important. It's a mindset that you MUST adopt during no contact that makes it work. So first off, let's get rid of the nonsense that you're telling yourself shorty after a breakup.

  1. You can't live without your ex girlfriend. This is purely nonsense and do not start believing in it. You can live without your ex girlfriend.
  2. I'll never find anyone else. Okay, this is a ridiculous statement. Out of all the billions of people on this planet, you're saying you wont be able to find another person? Pure rubbish and untrue. When you start thinking nobody else wants you except the very person who just rejected you, you need to get your confidence back.
  3. I need my ex girlfriend. This is pure rubbish as well. You don't need your ex girlfriend. You want your ex girlfriend. There's a difference.
Those negative statements above are what you're bruised ego tells you after a breakup. This is what brings you down and what keeps you in a needy and desperate emotional state.


You have to let go and accept the breakup. No contact is the time for you to heal and start to move on. If you're wondering, "will no contact work?" or "will no contact bring her back?" you're still in that desperate frame of mind.

If you're still in that frame of mind, the answers to "will no contact work," and "will no contact bring her back" are NO! It wont work.

I had to go through the heartbreak of a breakup, and I've had to go through all the proper steps in order to get my ex girlfriend back. This includes using the no contact rule correctly, but making it work for me.

I've written my knowledge about no contact in a free ebook called Behind No Contact. It details everything about this important tactic and not only how to use it correctly but learn about your ex girlfriend, no contact, & why you make the no contact rule work for you.

Click the link to learn download the free ebook and learn about no contact.

Don't forget it's just important knowing what to do as it is knowing exactly what not to do. So be sure to also download the Free Ebook 10 Killer Mistakes To Avoid - Get Her Back Fast By Avoiding These Mistakes.

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