Friday, April 29, 2011

Breaking The No Contact Rule - After No Contact Rule

If you're wondering about breaking the no contact rule and what comes next after no contact rule is done, you need to make sure that you've done everything you should have been doing during the no contact period. What are the things you should have done during this period of no communication?

You should have been moving on from the breakup and getting yourself to a good place. The last thing you should have been doing is just sitting on your butt and waiting for the no contact period to end. If you've been doing just that, HUGE MISTAKE!

I will tell you right now if you haven't improved yourself somewhat since the last you talked to your ex girlfriend, you're chances of getting her back are...NONE!


Did you find out why you were broken up with? You have to do this without asking your ex girlfriend. Ask her, and she may spare your feelings and tell you some hogwash. It's up to you to discover this.

Also, did you learn a complete strategy to get her back before you even thinking about breaking the no contact rule? No contact is NOT the entire strategy. After the no contact rule is just as important to know.

After the no contact rule, you are going to contact your ex in a fashion that's going to spark her interest and get her to respond to you. Even more important, this initial first contact is going to put you in her mind in a positive way. Visit the link to learn more about a powerful technique called across the bow texts.

If you do not have a strategy after no contact to get your ex girlfriend back then you are not ready. Click the link to learn more about the dos and don'ts of breaking the no contact rule.

During the time of no contact, you should have gotten a proven strategy and learned it inside out. That's what I did, and the longer you disbelieve this fact, the more you risk losing her for good.

You can continue trolling the internet for advice on how to get her back, or you can stop wasting your time and click the link and learn the best way in breaking the no contact rule and establishing contact with your ex girlfriend again by using simple texts.

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