Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Will No Contact Bring Her Back - More No Contact Rule After A Breakup Advice

I get about a billion questions concerning the no contact rule. It's as if most guys think that no contact is all they need to learn in order to get her back. Will no contact bring her back, they ask? So I'm going to share more no contact rule after a breakup advice with you.

Many guys ponder why no contact with your ex is important or the purpose behind the no contact rule. The tactic is important for so many reasons:

It is damage control! When you stop communicating with your ex girlfriend, you stop the possibilities of saying something you may regret in the heat of the moment. We're all emotional after a breakup. Even more so if we got dumped.

Will no contact bring her back? This tactic can help to bring her back into your life. You've a better chance with this tactic than harassing her to change her mind about the breakup or even worse - trying to sabotage her new relationship or whatever.

Begging her for another chance or trying to hinder her will only make you look needy, desperate, and psycho!

So disappear from her life for a while. Give her a taste of what life is like without you. Give her the gift of missing you. She can't miss you if you're constantly breathing down her neck.

So many ask how make your ex change her mind, but the real truth and answer is you can't force someone to change their mind about a relationship. They have to do it, but that doesn't mean you cannot influence it.

Another reason no contact after a breakup is important is because the time apart allows you to work on yourself. You need to get back to a confident and attractive place. Not only because you want to get her back, but for yourself.

If you live your life only for your girlfriend, she will own you for the rest of your life. Get a life yourself. Start trying new things, meeting new people. Do things that help people and make you feel good. You'd be surprised how this helps build your confidence.

The space apart also gives you the opportunity to discover if you really want her back. Sometimes we want to get an ex girlfriend back because our pride or ego is damaged from being dumped. Was she really that great to you? Was the relationship a constant struggle?

Love can make you blind, sometimes. This time apart and meeting new people may make you realize that you are better off without your ex girlfriend in your life.

Last but not least: Get a full, proven strategy to get your ex girlfriend back. Don't just rely on a single tactic. One tactic will only get you so far. Your failure isn't determined because the no contact rule didn't work. Your failure to get her back is determined by you - what you know and refuse to know.

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