Friday, March 25, 2011

Should I Ask My Ex Girlfriend What She Wants - How To Ask Ex Odds Of Getting Back Together

Are you wondering, "Should I ask my ex girlfriend what she wants?" or, "How to ask ex odds of getting back together?" 

I've been asked these two question from my newsletter members recently and thought I should address them.
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Anyways, if you're indeed wondering about these two questions it's safe to say you're not very knowledgeable about how to get an ex girlfriend back or even the psychology behind the strategy. 

Let's address this question: "Should I ask my ex girlfriend what she wants?" The answer to this question is - NO! Do not ask what she wants, because what she wants right now is to not be with you. Can you get her back? Yes, but you have to reverse her mindset without trying to change her mind.

Confused? Don't worry, I'll explain. Trying to change her mind through words or through gifts or accepting friendship only leads down one road: You will eventually end up harassing her, pissing her off, and losing her in your life completely.

Let's take why you do not accept friendship with your ex girlfriend. You don't accept friendship because it's a demotion for one. However, you're not being honest with her. If you truly want her back as your girlfriend, how long do you think you'll be able to take hearing about her dates and other guys before you lose it?

It won't take very long before you lose your cool and completely ruin your "friendship" with her. 

What you need to do is reverse her mindset. Being needy and desperate shows her that you still want her, and this places MORE value on her and NO value on you. So when you ask, "Should I ask my ex girlfriend what she wants?", you're still bending over backwards for her.


Kick her off that pedestal, man! Place some value back on you. What do you want? You want her back, right?

Now for the second question: "How To Ask Ex Odds Of Getting Back Together?"

Don't ever ask your ex girlfriend what the odds are of you two getting back together. This, once again, shows her you're needy and desperate, and it, once again, places her on a pedestal of more desirability than you.

Both of these questions are "attraction killers." Like, I said before you will have to reverse her mindset of being more wanted than you. 

However, be warned: You don't do this overtly, meaning you don't do this so she can see right through you. It has to be done covertly and subtly. Go to this page to learn the secret tactic of how this can be achieved.

That's why it's crucial to get a strategy or formula that's been proven to work in getting your ex girlfriend back.

How do I know this? It's because I've been right where you are, wondering the same questions and making the same mistakes. That's until I wised up and sought help, but not just any help. The best help on this subject that there is to offer.

I know from experience of what I went through trying to get my ex girlfriend back. A proven plan will increase your odds of getting back together with your ex girlfriend. Thinking that you can do it without one...decreases your odds.

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