Wednesday, March 23, 2011

The Psychology Behind Getting Back Together With Your Ex Girlfriend!

Those who fail in getting back together with an ex girlfriend neglect the fact that the get an ex girlfriend back strategy is based on psychology. Most just skip this and dive into tactics like the no contact rule or the jealousy tactic.

The strategy to get her back isn't a few simple tricks. Tricks last for so long. The truth is your ex girlfriend left for a reason! There's something in the relationship she didn't get. Don't play victim and think she called it off for no reason. That's a sure path to NOT get her back.

The psychology behind getting back together with your ex girlfriend involves why she may have left, but it also deals with how to re-attract your ex girlfriend again. Yes, you'll have to re-attract her again. Your ex girlfriend was attracted to you, or she would have not chosen to be intimate with you.

Oh, yes, women are the choosers in the mating game. Men seduce. Women choose.

What's the number one characteristic women find attractive? Confidence! After a break up, we lose this confidence. That's where neediness and desperation comes in, and if you were needy and desperate before the break up, that could have been a big part in why she left.

The simple fact is that people want what they can't have. They want things that are desirable and not easy to obtain. You see, when you're needy and desperate, it's you who chases. It's you who is placing all the value on her.

When you beg, plead, try to buy her gifts for her affection, you are letting her know she is MORE valuable than you. This repels her. Why would she want you if you're so easy to obtain.

Is this playing hard to get? In a sense, yes. But also in other sense, no!  Like I said before, the psychology behind getting back together with your ex girlfriend is more than simple tricks. It's getting yourself back to a good place and becoming desirable again.

The tricks and tactics like no contact are important, but they are only meant to give you an edge. Knowing the strategy to get her back and for good is the best chance you truly have. Stop leaving your odds of success to chance and get the best proven strategy to get your ex girlfriend back with an over 80% success rate by clicking the link.

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