Saturday, March 5, 2011

The No Contact Rule After A Breakup - More About The No Contact Rule!

Crazy happens after a breakup, and it's because one person always has their heart broken. It seems to come out of nowhere when someone decides to leave a relationship, and this leaves the other person stunned, baffled, confused, and hurt. This is when the no contact rule after a breakup is your best defense against crazy.

Many are curious about the purpose behind the no contact rule, and they should be. You see, this tactic has many purposes, and it's extremely important to understand what they are. Why? The more you understand, the more you can make it work for you.

No contact is damage control. We all say things or do things when we're hurt and highly emotional. Rejection makes us do crazy, and doing crazy's a sure way to lose your ex forever.

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You can't plant bad seeds in her head if you don't talk to her or him, right? This is an advantage of what happens when you disappear from your ex girlfriend or ex boyfriend for a little while. You give each other space to cool off and get yourself under control.

I'm going to repeat that: Get Yourself Under Control!

That's more important than the questions of, "Does no contact make your ex think of you," or " How to get your ex girlfriend to miss you with no contact?"

Too many focus on what the no contact rule does to her or him that they often forget what the tactic does for them. Another huge problem is thinking this tactic does all the work for you.

No contact does not:
  1. Re-attract your ex.
  2. Fix the reason why the relationship ended.
These are misconceptions about no contact and should be taken into account.

The tactic of no contact allows you the time to heal in order to re-attract your ex again. No contact is not gonna magically do this for you. Make no mistake that your ex was attracted to you at one point.

If you learn how to be attractive again, you may also discover why your ex decided call off the relationship. It is important to find this out without the guidance of your ex. In other words, you don't ask them.

Why? It's because:

  1. You may not get the honest answer to spare your feelings.
  2.  It sets you two up for an argument.
Get back to the attractive person you were when you first two met. This will tremendously help.

Remember, no contact works on many levels. There's more to it than to give her the gift of missing you. The tactic works when you know how to make it work.

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