Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Does No Contact With An Ex Work? How The No Contact Rule Works!

The question of does no contact with an ex work and how the no contact rule works is quite a concern for those looking to get an ex girlfriend back, and it's becoming quickly known that you can get your ex girlfriend to miss you with no contact. On the other hand, a lot of misunderstandings are also forming about this tactic as well.

Most of these misunderstandings have a lot to do with poor information regarding no contact or the no communication rule. A lot of people are misinformed that no contact is all they will need to get an ex girlfriend back. No way is no contact the complete strategy on how to get your ex girlfriend back.

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Another reason is the refusal to even get the proper information. Getting your ex girlfriend back isn't a single tactic like no contact or the jealousy tactic. These are just tactics. Too many also think that they just have to read a few articles online and they have all the information on how to get her back. Wrong again!

Does no contact with an ex work?
Yes, but this depends on two things:

1. What you mean by "work?"
No contact works on many different levels. You can get your ex girlfriend to miss you with no contact. That's just one of the few ways that the tactic works, and seemingly the most popular by most guys ask about.

Will an ex wonder about you if you use no contact? Of course. What disappearing from your ex's life does is it makes you become a mystery. Instead of boosting her ego, you don't feed her ego. You play on her insecurities. She'll wonder why you're no longer chasing her, or if you've found someone new.

Those effects above just scratch the surface on how no contact works, but there's more to it than just making her miss you and wonder.

2. How you use it!
The no contact rule works, but it only does if one truly understands it and uses it to its maximum potential. Too many think all they have to do is disappear for a while and wait for their ex to call. That's not the no contact rule. That's disappearing for a while, and remember that using just one tactic wont get her back .

When people ask does it work if you use the no contact rule, the real answer should be: Yes, but you need to make it work. Click the link to learn exactly how the no contact rule works!

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