Friday, March 18, 2011

Does The No Contact Rule Work After A Break Up?

It appears that the no contact rule has become increasingly popular in recent days concerning how to get an ex girlfriend back, but no other question has been asked more than, "Does the no contact rule work after a break up?"

Once again, this answer depends on what you mean by "work?"

Does it work in terms of getting your ex girlfriend back? That answer is no! This has become a big misconception with the no contact rule. The tactic helps you in getting your ex girlfriend back. It's not the only piece to the puzzle to get your ex back, but it works extremely well after a break up for this reason:


If you're like most normal guys after a break up, you've probably done everything to change her mind. You've probably pleaded, begged, cried, and argued with her in vain attempts to convince her she's making a mistake.

While you're thinking that you're fighting for her love, those actions in reality are annoying and will only push her farther away from you.

So as I've said in many, many posts - No contact helps you with DAMAGE CONTROL! 

In this sense the no contact rule does work. It gives you both space away from each other for awhile. While it gives her space from your emotional craziness after a break up, it gives you the time and space to get your head on straight.

It should also give you the time to work on you, to get rid of neediness and desperation, and to come up with a plan on how to win her back. I don't know how many times I can say this, but I'll say it till my tongue goes completely numb:

No contact is not just simply cutting communication off with your ex to simply get her to miss you. It's not just sitting around twiddling your thumbs until she wises up and contacts you again. It's the time to get out there and become attractive again, to heal and to learn exactly how to get her back.

Don't be like the rest who are misinformed about this tactic. The no contact rule is a single tactic within an entire strategy to get your ex girlfriend back. Using just no contact is like baking a cake with just one ingredient, or trying to build a desk with just one screw.

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