Monday, March 28, 2011

Does No Contact Piss Off An Ex Girlfriend?

I'm perplexed to even answer this question, but if you're wondering, "Does no contact piss off an ex girlfriend," you're definitely on the wrong track here.

No contact is a tactic within the get your ex girlfriend back strategy that's suppose to do the opposite of piss her off. Instead of harassing her to death about getting back together, you enter no contact to give her and yourself some space.

The only way no contact can piss off an ex girlfriend is if you're using it wrong, and that's probably because you don't know very much about this tactic. If you're ex girlfriend isn't contacting you and you're concerned about pissing her off by entering no contact, you really need to get the strategy on how to get your ex girlfriend back.

Even if she is still in contact with you and trying to use that "Friends" bull crap on you or use you as some "back up plan" in case the grass isn't greener on the other side, who cares if you enter no contact and piss her off.

Sometimes pissing someone off can turn things around. Look, she rejected you when she broke up with you, right? Why isn't it okay to reject her right back? Well, it perfectly is okay.

Actually, that mindset puts you in a better light. It means you have pride and you value yourself. If you're still worried about pissing your ex girlfriend off, by doing what's best for you which is going into no contact and -

  1. Getting your head on straight.
  2. Healing from the breakup.
  3. Getting rid of neediness and desperation.
  4. Becoming attractive again.
  5. Getting your confidence back.
then your ex girlfriend needs to understand and take a chill pill.

The no contact rule is an important element in the strategy to get your ex girlfriend back. It's wise you learn exactly what this tactic can and can't help you with. It's wise that you learn how this tactic can set you up to ultimately win her back.

Don't use  this tactic half-assed or you will have a great chance of failing. Click the link to learn how to use the no contact rule properly.

I won't B.S. you. No contact isn't all there is, meaning it isn't enough to get your ex girlfriend back. If you're truly serious about getting her back and want to learn the entire, proven formula, click the link and discover how to get her back and keep her for good.

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