Friday, February 25, 2011

Real Life Exes Getting Back Together Stories! Part 2

This article will shed light on two exes getting back together stories. Vin Jones will be interviewed as well as his friend Mark, who was mentioned in the "Behind No Contact" ebook.

Tyler: Vin, we know you're proof of a normal guy who got his ex back. Can you tell us a bit about your story?

Vin: It was a typical breakup. I did all the typical mistakes most make that should be avoided. I knew nothing about how to get an ex back, but I got the right ebooks and studied them to the letter.

I was lucky she contacted first and knew the techniques to do after no contact. That's important.

Tyler: Speaking of no contact, Mark, you're known as "the friend" who knew nothing about no contact, but still seemed to get back together.

Mark: It's funny. I didn't know no contact was a concept. I just didn't want to talk to her for a while so stopped.

Tyler: Yet, she'd still come back?

Mark: We'd get back together and then breakup again. It was a vicious circle. I know now after reading Vin's "Behind No Contact" ebook. I also know what he means by how no contact can't fix crazy.

Vin: It's exactly what I warn people why there's more to no contact than just waiting around for her to contact you again. If you use no contact correctly, you should be armed with how to get her back and how to keep her. If you two keep coming back the same as before, you'll always be headed for breakup again.

Tyler: It seems they make no contact all about her.

Vin: That's a great mistake. No contact has a bit to do with her, but the main focus is on you. When I was in no contact, I concentrated on myself - making myself happy, bettering myself - after a while the last concern I had was whether she missed me or not.

There it is. Two real life exes getting back together stories. One that used no contact correctly. The other with no knowledge of it.

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