Saturday, February 5, 2011

Exes Getting Back Together Stories

Many who are trying to get back together with an ex are looking for real life "Exes getting back together stories" to somehow give them hope that couples actually do reunite.

But the truth is that they do. Couples do reunite in all situations and conditions. I'm living proof of that, and I will always stand behind that statement. As many know, it wasn't long ago that I went through my own breakup.

Just like you, I was devastated. It took me nearly two years to finally win my girlfriend, and all that hard work just came crashing down in what seemed like a second. Just like you, I tried everything to get her back. I called, texted, and begged for her to give me another chance.

I tried using guilt, I tried sweet talking her, but nothing worked. All we ended up doing was arguing and fighting. I wanted her back. No let me rephrase that. I really wanted her back!

What was I doing wrong? Why was she just snubbing me?

Frantically, I went online to search for ways to get my ex girlfriend back. I read a lot helpful articles and some that were not so helpful. I looked up every free advice I could and only got so far. I even looked up all the top guides on how to get your ex back and couldn't find them free anywhere online.

Finally, I caved in and bought The Magic Of Making Up. It would forever change my life and opened my eyes to what I had been doing wrong all along to get my ex girlfriend back. I immediately stopped chasing and harassing her and went into no contact.

Out of curiosity, I also got a few more how to get your ex back guides such as The Ex2 System and Pull Your Ex Back. These guides confirmed that there was, indeed, an entire strategy that needs to be implemented in order to get my ex girlfriend back.

I implemented all that I learned, and by the time my ex girlfriend contacted me while I was applying the no contact rule correctly, I knew exactly how to handle it. When we first met up again, I applied all the tactics I'd learned from these guides, and eventually won her back.

But the best thing is that I learned how to keep her. The knowledge I gained was the best money I ever spent, and now I've helped hundreds of guys to get their ex girlfriends back as well.

This is my story about getting back together with my ex girlfriend, and I know there are countless of other exes getting back together stories. I'd also bet that these other guys who got their ex girlfriend back also sought the guidance from one of these resources that I mentioned.

if you want to have your own story, get the guides I highly recommend or join my free newsletter, The Break Up 2 Make Up, by clicking the link to get free advice, tips, and the tactics I used to help me get my ex girlfriend back.

Helping you get her back,

Vin Jones

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